What is the purpose of the small hole on a dishwasher? Prepare to be amazed when you discover the truth!

Many people are unaware of the powerful effectiveness of the small hole on the side of the dishwashing sink. So what is its purpose?


The small hole is commonly found on the dishwasher, located near the faucet. Many people may not pay much attention to this hole or may think that it is one of the “extra” designs that has no function.

In the design of the dishwasher, the small hole is located on the outer edge of the tub and is usually covered by a lid. Perhaps many of you are not aware of the small hole beneath this lid. In fact, this small hole design is quite practical, smart people know how effective they are.

The functions of the small hole on the dishwasher

First of all, we must mention the function of storage

Typically, we can use this small hole to hold some small tools. In the kitchen, you often have to use scissors. It’s as simple as every time you process fish, you need to cut the fish belly or cut the meat into small pieces, using scissors will be much easier and more convenient than using a knife. If you place the scissors in the small hole on the dishwasher, it will be more convenient and less messy every time you use them for food preparation.

Furthermore, we can also use this small hole to store peeling knives, which is very convenient. Whenever you need to peel fruits and vegetables, you can quickly take them out and use them. After using them, you can rinse them clean and put them back in the small hole for the next use without the need to search all over the kitchen.

The second function: Holding hand wash and dishwashing liquid

Another very useful function of the small hole in the dishwasher is that you can use it to hold hand wash and dishwashing liquid. Just open the bottle of soap, place the nozzle on top, and pour the soap down and tighten the lid, then we can easily use them. The nozzle is fixed on the small hole, so whenever you use it, you just need to press a little and the liquid will flow quickly. Using this method to store liquid will not take up kitchen space and is very convenient.

The third function: Emergency hole

This small hole is also used as an emergency hole. If you need to install a water filter at home, you can connect the filter faucet to this small hole. After installing the water filter, the water faucets on the left and right can be used separately.

In summary: This small hole on the dishwasher is actually an emergency hole. If you want to have a safe water filter at home, you can directly install it into this small hole. In addition, we can use it to store hand wash, dishwashing liquid, and some small tools in the kitchen. It can be seen that with this design, the small hole on the dishwasher not only brings aesthetic value but also practicality in daily life.

By An Nhiên – Vietnamnet

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