7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets to Bring on Tet 2022 Trip

Are you planning a get-together with your family and friends for Tet? Make sure to make it a success by using these 7 essential tech items recommended by Dien May XANH. Read on to find out more.


1 Phone

When going out for Tet, carrying a phone with you is essential for staying in touch with people conveniently. It allows you to look up addresses of delicious restaurants and interesting places to visit. Additionally, you can capture memorable moments by taking photos with your family and friends.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB phone

2 Power banks

During outings, power banks are essential for quickly recharging your phone or camera. They provide an optimal solution to ensure you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about running out of battery.

5000mAh Polymer Power Bank

3 Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are great tools for capturing meaningful photos with your loved ones during reunions and outings. They allow you to take group photos without needing to rely on others.

Osmia OW2 Photography Stick

4 Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers help create a lively atmosphere during outings by playing joyful spring music. Their compact design and wireless connectivity make them easy to carry and connect to your phone.

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB23

5 Portable Wi-Fi Routers

When going to places with weak or no internet connection, portable Wi-Fi routers are essential. These routers allow up to 10 devices (depending on the model) to connect simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted music streaming, check-ins, and photo sharing.

Tenda 4G185 Black 4G LTE Portable Wifi Router 150Mbps

6 Headphones

Headphones are a must-have for relaxing and recharging your energy after a tiring time. They allow you to enjoy your favorite music or audiobooks on-the-go. Consider equipping yourself with wireless or compact headphones for convenience.

True Wireless Model TS13 Bluetooth Headset

7 Smart Watches

Smart watches not only serve as convenient time-tracking devices but also allow quick access to calls, messages, and even social media notifications. Consider choosing a capable smart watch to enhance your trip experience.

Apple Watch S6 LTE 44mm blue rubber band steel bezel

With the information shared above, we hope that you will be well-equipped for your Tet trip!

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