4 stunning lipstick colors to enhance your beauty during Tet, perfect for pairing with áo dài

Below are the top 4 lipstick shades that are perfect for pairing with traditional Vietnamese dresses or even when wearing a tight dress and look stunning.


Tết is coming, besides choosing beautiful clothes or graceful áo dài, lipstick is also something that women should pay attention to. Depending on the design and color of the áo dài, the accompanying lipstick colors will bring a unique and distinctive feeling. Here are the 4 most suitable lipstick shades to match with áo dài or when wearing a dress.

Pure red lipstick

If you choose traditional designs, pure red lipstick will not disappoint you. This is the perfect suggestion that brings women a gentle, charming, and elegant beauty. Especially, pure red lipstick is suitable for many skin tones. Pure red lipstick will make the face, especially the lips, more attractive.

Brick red lipstick

The color red symbolizes allure and sensuality, from clothes to lipstick colors that make many people fascinated. Red lipstick has always been the inspiration for women’s makeup in every era. Just apply red lipstick on your lips and you will become a beautiful girl, shining everywhere. With a seductive, glamorous, yet mysterious color, red lipstick is considered a basic color in the lipstick palette.

If bright red and pink lipstick bring a fresh and sweet look, a little bit of brick red will make the appearance more personal.

Brick red lipstick has a slight orange tint, which will make the faces of women look fresher. This lipstick color can also enhance the skin tone but has the disadvantage of making teeth look yellow. Therefore, women with slightly yellowish teeth should consider carefully before buying.

Earth orange lipstick

With bright colored áo dài, earth orange brings a warm tone, creating a closer and sweeter feeling for its owner. However, earth orange lipstick can also make teeth look yellow, so women should consider carefully.

Earth orange lipstick also suits Asian skin because it already has a fresh and sweet shade, so sometimes women don’t need to wear too much makeup when applying this lipstick.

Pink gloss lipstick

This lipstick color is suitable for all colors and áo dài designs. They can “reverse aging” and make the face look younger and more charming. Therefore, women who pursue a cute and feminine style cannot overlook it.

The disadvantage of gloss lipsticks is that they are easy to smudge and smear. Therefore, you should refer to high-quality lipstick lines.

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