7 Tips for Conquering Tough Denim and Elevating Your Style

Below are some leather outfit combinations that you cannot miss.


Button-Down Shirt + Straight Leg Pants + Knee-High Boots

Pair with a classic white button-down shirt and a stylish pair of knee-high boots. It would be even better if your boots also have a contrasting color, such as white snakeskin boots and black pants.

Leather pants exude an effortlessly cool and youthful vibe, making them the perfect match for your favorite button-down shirts. When worn together, leather pants and button-down shirts create a rugged, edgy style. Typically, girls prefer to choose dark-toned button-down shirts to wear with leather pants, but if you want to stand out during weekend outings, a metallic button-down shirt is the perfect choice.

Denim Shirt + Dark-Colored Leather Pants

Denim material also balances out any feelings that leather may evoke, especially if you’re wearing a glossy finish. Keep your accessories simple and more casual to enhance the beauty of simplicity, and you’ll be ready to hit the streets in this outfit.

Blazer + T-Shirt + High-Waisted Pants

A button-down blazer or a winged blazer and high heels can add a touch of elegance in the workplace, while a T-shirt and sneakers give you a more ready-for-the-weekend look.

Patterned Knit Pants + Patterned Shoes

If you have patterned shoes, choose a knit sweater with patterns to truly enhance the effect of each type. Shoes with leopard, striped, or floral patterns can also help highlight patterned snake or crocodile pants.

Oversize Sweater + Jogger Pants

If you opt for luxurious materials like leather and cashmere, the style can truly be extremely luxurious.

Make sure to show off a bit of ankle with a cropped hem or rolled up sleeves to flaunt your skin and maintain some of the beauty of your figure; and secondly, choose a structured pair of shoes, such as platform shoes, to add a bit of shine to your style.

All Black Everything

Black is the most popular color for leather pants, and it’s ideal to pair them with black shirts, black boots, and black handbags.

Wearing black with leather pants creates a sexy and mysterious image, and also a way for you to add inspiration to your autumn and winter days. Just a pair of black leather pants, a black turtleneck sweater, and a basic pair of black heels, and you’re ready for a weekend party with friends.

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