Achieve Glass Skin with Song Hye Kyo’s 2-2-2 Beauty Formula

Everyone is amazed by the ethereal beauty of 18-year-old Song Hye Kyo. To achieve this, she has applied a series of simple secrets.


Song Hye Kyo is known as the “fortress of beauty” in Kbiz. At the age of 42, she still maintains a radiant and captivating beauty. It is known that the female lead of the drama “Descendants of the Sun” has been following the 2-2-2 formula for a long time.

Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning when waking up

The actress always drinks 2 large glasses of water before having breakfast to cleanse her body and help her skin become smooth and firm. Water provides essential moisture to the body. This is a habit she has maintained for many years. After waking up, drinking water helps hydrate the skin, beneficial for digestion, and promotes metabolic processes throughout the day.

Exfoliate twice a week

Due to her busy schedule, Song Hye Kyo often wears makeup. To protect her skin, she prioritizes cleansing her skin as soon as she gets home and limits wearing makeup when not filming. She uses makeup remover oil to remove excess sebum, dirt, and non-waterproof makeup products, then cleanses her face with facial cleanser.

Furthermore, she exfoliates her skin twice a week to prevent clogged pores, leaving her skin soft and radiant.

Like Cleopatra’s milk obsession for its beauty and moisturizing properties, Song Hye Kyo particularly trusts unsweetened milk/yogurt to care for and cleanse her skin. Additionally, she massages her face with a cold stone immediately after washing it to tighten her pores, promote blood circulation under the skin, and give her a bright and rosy complexion. The absorption of nutrients when applying serums or moisturizers also increases significantly after the cold stone massage.

Use at least 2 skincare products

She diligently uses skincare products such as serums, essences, and moisturizers to provide nourishment and maintain moisture balance, keeping her skin healthy and strong.

She once mentioned that she uses at least 2 skincare products every night with different functions such as brightening the skin, anti-aging, and moisturizing. Thanks to this, her skin is well-nourished, cared for, and maintained without any signs of aging.

Additionally, Song Hye Kyo pays special attention to her diet, avoiding harmful drinks and snacks that are not good for the skin.