Avoid Early Wrinkles: Try These 4 Simple Ways

No woman wants to have visible wrinkles or crow's feet on her face. These signs of aging can make a person look much older. Therefore, it is best to prevent them from appearing as early as possible. Here are four simple ways to do so:


Sunscreen for the skin

Sunny weather with ultraviolet radiation is the main factor in the formation of freckles and dark spots. Therefore, it is important to regularly use good sunscreen when going outside, wear a sun hat, or use a sun umbrella… If it’s too sunny, stay indoors.

Daily facial massage

Regularly massaging the dry face helps to improve the activity of blood vessels, maintain the elasticity of the skin, slow down the aging process of the face, and prevent freckles.

Massage the face by using both palms to push up and down on the skin 20-30 times, push and wipe the forehead with the knuckles of the middle finger 20-30 times, gently tap the face for 1-3 minutes, then rinse the face with water. Follow this routine once in the morning, noon, and evening.

Supplementing with vitamin E is essential

Vitamin E helps prevent the formation of lipofuscin and has excellent anti-aging properties. Foods such as leafy greens, peanut oil, corn oil, wheat germ oil, milk, eggs… are rich in vitamin E, but be careful not to consume too much.

Regular exercise

Walking, jogging, martial arts, yoga… are all good choices. Normally, we can engage in physical activity in a suitable way to promote blood circulation, improve physical fitness, and prevent aging. Physical weakness and poor blood circulation are also related to the formation of aging spots.