Effective Tips for Men to Maintain their Hairstyle after Perming

Discover effective hair care tips specifically for men after perming. Join us to learn how to maintain beautiful hair at all times, everywhere.


A pompadour is a great way to make a statement and showcase your personal style. However, maintaining the perfect pompadour hairstyle is not easy, especially for men. So how can you maintain the best hairstyle after styling? Let’s find out!

1Why is proper care important for styled hair?

After styling your hair, taking care of it is not complicated for men, but it can be challenging for many. You may make mistakes during the styling process, causing damage to your hair, making it dull, prone to breakage, and dry.

When styling, hair must use strong chemicals, so the hair is often weaker and drier than normal hair. Especially for men with short and less curly hair. Therefore, taking care of styled hair is crucial to maintaining your desired hairstyle.

Why is proper care important for styled hair?Why is proper care important for styled hair?

2How to care for styled hair for men?

Avoid touching your hair often

Using hair styling chemicals may take 24 to 48 hours to create a stable hairstyle. It is important to note that hair can become more fragile after styling. Therefore, you should only use your fingers to style your hair and minimize touching your hair as much as possible.

Avoid touching your hair oftenAvoid touching your hair often

Avoid washing your hair for 3 days

Within the period of 24 to 72 hours after styling your hair, you should avoid washing your hair or using other hair care products. Water or other chemicals can reduce the effectiveness of the styling process and make your hair lose its shape. Make sure to keep your hair as dry as possible during this time. The appropriate time to wash your hair will depend on your hairstyle and how your hair is treated, but at least 3 days!

Avoid washing your hair for 3 daysAvoid washing your hair for 3 days

Avoid dyeing your hair after styling

Within at least 1 week after styling, avoid using any hair dye on your hair. This helps reduce the risk of hair breakage and minimize damage to your hair.

Avoid dyeing your hair after stylingAvoid dyeing your hair after styling

Choose suitable shampoo and conditioner

Caring for styled hair requires careful selection of products. To restore shine and prevent breakage and loss of your styled hair, you should prioritize products specifically designed to meet these needs. The products should contain ingredients such as , , or . Additionally, avoid products containing harmful chemical compounds like sulfates, , alcohol, and , as they can irritate the scalp.

Choose suitable shampoo and conditionerChoose suitable shampoo and conditioner

Furthermore, using hair masks containing moisturizing ingredients is an important step to protect the hair from environmental damage, keeping it soft, smooth, and shiny.

Limit washing your hair with hot water

Men should avoid washing their hair with hot water after styling if they want to maintain the best hairstyle. Hot water can remove the natural oils on your scalp and cause the scalp to expand, making the hair prone to frizz and breakage. Therefore, washing your hair with cold water is the safest and best choice to maintain healthy-looking hair.

Limit washing your hair with hot waterLimit washing your hair with hot water

3How to care for styled hair for men

Here are some tips for caring for men’s styled hair to maintain the best hairstyle:

  • Regular trimming: To avoid split ends and damage, you should trim your hair every 4-6 weeks. This helps remove damaged hair and keeps your hair in the best condition.
  • Protect from the sun: High temperatures and UV rays can dry out styled hair. To protect your hair, always wear a hat when exposed to the sun and ensure your hair stays moisturized.
  • Deep conditioning: Deep conditioning at least once a month helps balance the natural moisture of your hair. This prevents dryness and breakage caused by heat from styling.
  • Use natural hair masks: Hair masks containing ingredients like , , , , and provide moisture to styled hair. Try using a hair mask once or twice a week if your hair feels dry and brittle.

In addition, you can use oils for styled hair such as coconut oil, , , , argan oil, and to provide moisture. To protect your hair even better, you should use a conditioner that contains .

How to care for styled hair for menHow to care for styled hair for men

4What should men avoid after styling their hair?

Here are some guidelines to keep your styled hair in the best condition:

  • Limit daily hair washing: Washing your hair every day can remove its natural oils. Change the frequency of washing your hair to give it a chance to protect itself and maintain its natural oils.
  • Choose suitable pillows: Use pillowcases that are not made of cotton to avoid friction between your hair and the pillow, as this can cause hair to tangle or lose its shape.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling: Using heat styling tools too often can remove the natural moisture from your hair. Use them properly and always protect your hair.
  • Use appropriate hair care products: Each type of hair requires specific care products. Search for and use products suitable for your hair type to ensure they provide enough nourishment and the best care.
  • Avoid excessive hair combing: If your hair already has a defined style, limit excessive hair combing as this can cause hair to tangle and fall out.

What should men avoid after styling their hair?What should men avoid after styling their hair?

By following the tips for maintaining styled hair that we have shared, you will confidently shine with a beautiful hairstyle. Don’t let the styling process become a nightmare; turn it into a beautiful and exciting experience. Remember to take care of your hair and keep it in the best condition. This will help you feel more confident and attractive in any situation.

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