Get Lean Shoulders with These 5 Exercises Inspired by Jennie (Blackpink)

Explore these 4 exercises to achieve slim and sexy shoulders, just like the gorgeous Jennie (Blackpink) in the following article!


Owning slender and petite shoulders with well-proportioned clavicles is the dream of every woman. Join us in practicing the following 4 exercises to own beautiful shoulders that are not inferior to Jennie from Blackpink!

1 Rotate shoulders

Rotate shouldersRotate shoulders

Keep your hands close to your hips, push with your hands and shoulders to lift and rotate your shoulders backwards. Rotate your shoulders backwards 15 times per set, rotate continuously for 3 sets.

2 Fold hands behind shoulders

Fold hands behind shouldersFold hands behind shoulders

First, raise your hands behind your head, with your palms parallel to the ground and your palms clasped together facing inward, keeping your core engaged. Fold your hands forward 20 times per set, fold continuously for 3 sets.

Keep the range of motion of your hands moderate during this exercise, perform it evenly to avoid muscle strain.

3 Lift hands behind back

Lift hands behind backLift hands behind back

In this exercise, clasp your hands together, keep your arms straight behind your back and proceed to lift your hands 20 times per set, pause for 10 seconds on each set and perform continuously for 3 sets.

Keeping your arms lifted at their highest point is the most important requirement of this exercise. This exercise helps adjust the angle of the shoulders and improves posture by straightening the back, eliminating excess fat on the back, and improving physical fitness and figure.

4 Stretch arms

Stretch armsStretch arms

Gently lift and lower your arms, keeping your arms straight and lifting – extending your arms at the widest range. Perform the exercise 15 times per set and 3 sets in a row. This exercise will help elongate the neck and effectively improve back posture.

Above are the exercises that help improve slim, firm shoulders and become increasingly attractive that we want to suggest to you. Wish you success in performing them!

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