Igari makeup style mesmerizes Jennie and celebrities, creating a sweet and charming look

This trend is also on the rise after the emergence of Korean idols, including Jennie (Black Pink) and Haerin (New Jeans),...


Igari Makeup is a special makeup style originated from Japan. Despite nearly a decade has passed, Igari Makeup still “makes waves” in Asian countries and continues to be a beloved trend. This makeup style includes using light pink or earthy orange colors to create a rosy and natural look for the skin, giving the effect of a slightly drunken complexion.

Especially, the cheeks are highlighted with a light pink color, while the eyes are kept natural, often using light brown or orange eye shadow. This trend also gained popularity after being seen on Korean idols, such as Jennie (Black Pink), Haerin (New Jeans),…


Plump and smooth skin is an extremely important factor. J-beauty is simpler than K-beauty as it usually focuses on three basic steps: cleansing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen. Japanese girls always love sunscreen. Please take care of your skin before applying makeup, this step will help your skin require less foundation, giving the effect of the thinnest and lightest skin possible.


Light foundation

The Igari makeup style only requires very little foundation, you can even replace it with concealer. At this point, the skin still looks healthy and even-toned without the need for heavy makeup.

Eye makeup

The eyebrows are the factor that creates a distinctive style for this makeup look. Drawing straight and soft eyebrows will soften the facial features, creating innocent and dreamy eyes.

For eye shadow, you should use light pink shades both under and above the eyelids, and add a little shimmer in the middle. Use a light-colored eyeliner or brown eyeshadow and blend it evenly, so the eyeliner looks not too thick. Curl your lashes and apply a light coat of mascara.



You can apply blush in an inverted triangle shape under the eyes and on the nose, creating a natural flushing effect. Using highlighter on the cheekbones or nose will instantly lift and rejuvenate the face.


Finally, a light lip color will complete this makeup style, giving you a dreamy look. Prioritize choosing shades of pink or gentle orange, creating the “my lips but better” effect. Tinted lip balm or lip gloss is especially suitable, especially when we are in the late cold season. Take care of your lips before applying lipstick.