Korean Entertainment’s “Vampire” Reveals Tips for Having a “Bright and Radiant” Skin Without Blemishes

Preparing for a facial mask takes only 30 seconds, yet it nourishes your skin deeply, reaching every pore.


Jang Nara’s beauty is often compared to that of a “vampire”, with her flawless fair and rosy complexion. Her radiant skin shines brightly in her bare-faced photos. Besides using skincare products and adjusting her lifestyle, Jang Nara maintains two beauty habits that she has followed for many years.

Using cold water in the morning and warm compress for 30 seconds in the evening

Jang Nara considers cleansing her face after a long day as the most important step. She pays close attention to the water temperature. The evening and morning cleansing routines differ slightly.

Evening routine: Jang Nara uses a warm compress on her face for about 20-30 seconds to open up the pores before performing the two cleansing steps: makeup removal and face wash.

Morning routine: She uses cool water to wash her face. She uses a gentle facial cleanser and rinses with cool water again. The cool water helps tighten the pores, reduce puffiness after a long night, and improve sagging skin.

Warm compress for 30 seconds before applying facial mask

Before applying a sheet mask or detox mask, Jang Nara always uses a warm compress on her face for about 30 seconds. After that, she applies the facial mask.

Hydrating with sheet masks

When the pores are open, the nutrients have a better chance of penetrating the skin, maximizing the effectiveness of the facial mask.

Exfoliating twice a week with clay masks

Jang Nara uses clay masks that also exfoliate the skin. After applying the mask, she gently pats on lotion to stimulate the absorption of nutrients, nourishing and soothing the skin after the exfoliation step.

Jang Nara believes that skincare products should penetrate deep into the skin rather than just accumulate on the surface. Exfoliating the skin with a clay mask twice a week also helps reduce blackheads and control oiliness.

It only takes 30 seconds of preparation before applying a facial mask, but the skin is nourished completely down to every pore.

10-minute facial massage daily

Jang Nara’s secret to having plump and moisturized skin is not overly complicated. The actress revealed that facial massage stimulates blood circulation, reduces eye bags, and lifts the skin. Jang Nara starts her facial massage by warming up her makeup remover oil in her hands before applying it.

Next, she places her fingertips on her chin and then pulls upwards along the jawline towards the ears. Then, she places her fingertips on the cheeks (near the nasal bone) before gently stroking horizontally towards the ears. Moving to the eye area, Jang Nara lightly places her fingertips at the corner of the eyes before stroking horizontally towards the temples.

To relax the eyes and prevent wrinkles and dark circles, she presses her index finger against the nasal bone.