Ngọc Trinh Faces Charges of “Disturbing Public Order” After Attention-Grabbing 3-Month Detention Image

Working with the police agency, Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh and Tran Xuan Dong have come to realize their violations of the law and express their desire to receive legal leniency.


On January 6, the Ho Chi Minh City Police completed their investigation and transferred the case to the Public Prosecution Office, recommending the indictment of Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (model, actress Ngoc Trinh, 35 years old) on charges of Disturbing Public Order. Tran Xuan Dong (36 years old, Ngoc Trinh’s driving instructor) is also recommended for indictment on charges of Disturbing Public Order and Using Falsified Documents from a government agency.

According to the investigation, during the process, Ngoc Trinh and her driving instructor “acknowledged their own violations of the law and expressed a desire for leniency from the legal system.”

“I now realize that my actions were completely wrong. I hope that everyone will always abide by the traffic regulations and never imitate the wrong behavior I exhibited recently.” – Ngoc Trinh shared.

This is the latest development after 3 months of temporary detention for Ngoc Trinh and Tran Xuan Dong.

The investigation determined that on October 6, 2023, despite not having a Class A2 driving license, Ngoc Trinh, accompanied by Dong, drove a BMW with a 999 cc engine capacity, performing dangerous driving maneuvers on the D15 road in the High-Tech Zone (located in Tan Nhon Phu B Ward, Thu Duc City), adopting provocative postures on the motorcycle seat without wearing protective gear, lying down, and kneeling on the seat.

On October 19, 2023, the Ho Chi Minh City Police’s investigation agency initiated the case and charged Ngoc Trinh and Tran Xuan Dong.

The Ho Chi Minh City Police found that the actions of Ngoc Trinh and Xuan Dong have jeopardized security, order, and traffic safety in the locality. The People’s Committee of Thu Duc City has submitted a request for the Ho Chi Minh City Police’s investigation agency to thoroughly handle Ngoc Trinh and others involved in accordance with the law.

It is noteworthy that Ngoc Trinh recorded and edited videos of the motorcycle performances to post on her personal social media accounts.

Ngoc Trinh herself has suffered injuries all over her body due to motorcycle accidents. Through photos shared by Vu Khac Tien, Ngoc Trinh’s knees, elbows, and shoulders were stitched and bandaged, making it difficult for her to move around.