Quang Hải’s soon-to-be bride shares stylish outfit tips for a flattering look

No matter how simple the outfit, Chu Thanh Huyen always pays great attention to enhancing her figure.


After 3 years of dating, Chu Thanh Huyen and footballer Quang Hai are preparing to move in together. They will have their engagement ceremony on January 1, 2024. Every time Chu Thanh Huyen appears publicly with Quang Hai, she leaves a strong impression with her beautiful appearance and classy style, as well as her impressive fashion sense.

She dresses simple but eye-catching. Neutral-toned fashion items are Chu Thanh Huyen’s favorite choice. However, no matter how simple the outfit is, Chu Thanh Huyen always pays attention to enhancing her figure. As a result, she always exudes charm and femininity. Sisters will learn many effective fashion tips to enhance their figure.

Combining a knitted vest with straight jeans, Chu Thanh Huyen demonstrates her ability to grasp trends by choosing a popular gray knitted vest. Thanks to the priority of straight jeans with a length above the ankles, it greatly flatters her figure.

Chu Thanh Huyen cleverly pairs it with a fitted tank top. This trick helps make Chu Thanh Huyen’s outfit more neat, thereby enhancing her tall and slim figure.

The combination of a fitted vest and wide-leg sweatpants by Chu Thanh Huyen scores points for its sporty and personality traits. She also does not overdo the accessories to maintain the elegance of the outfit.

The combination of a wrap top and shorts scores points for its allure and youthfulness. The open-toed platform sandals chosen by the WAG are very suitable for the casual set of clothes.

The dynamic and comfortable denim shorts are suitable for wearing on weekends. The combination of denim shorts and overalls is not too complicated, but still makes Chu Thanh Huyen look young.

Chu Thanh Huyen exudes a sweet and feminine vibe when wearing a combination of a high-neck sweater, a padded waistcoat, and white pants.

The brown top and beige pants are simple but still trendy. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to go for complicated outfits but still want to have an impressive look.

The pastel pink dress design brings Chu Thanh Huyen a feminine and sweet look. The bow shoes are very suitable for the elaborate dress design without creating a cluttered feeling.

By combining a white T-shirt with yellow pants, Chu Thanh Huyen “hacks” her figure while still maintaining the dynamic and comfortable look of streetwear outfits.

Wearing a long dress and a trench coat, Chu Thanh Huyen achieves a feminine and elegant look. Thanks to high heels, Chu Thanh Huyen has a tall figure. The boots also add a touch of elegance to the outfit.