The Best Long Skirt Suggestions for the Winter Wardrobe

To find out which long skirts are worth buying, ladies can refer to 5 suggestions from Vietnamese beauties.


Along with long pants, ladies should not overlook skirts. This fashion item adds femininity to the wearer’s appearance and creates elegant outfits. Long skirts are also a must-have in the wardrobe of Vietnamese beauties. They know how to diversify their styles with different versions. To know which long skirts are worth buying, ladies should refer to 5 suggestions from Vietnamese celebrities.

A-line skirt

A-line skirts are favored by many because of their high ability to cover flaws. In addition to dark-colored skirts, Vietnamese celebrities also freshen up their style with designs in bright colors such as beige or pastel purple… These A-line skirt versions are very sweet and give good “anti-aging” effects, especially when paired with white shirts. When wearing an A-line skirt, ladies should tuck in their shirts, wear high heels, or pair it with a cropped top to effectively create height.

Black skirt

This skirt is easy to mix and ensures harmony and elegance for the overall outfit. Black skirts dominate the style of Vietnamese celebrities with variations such as lace skirts, split skirts, or flowy skirts…

Combine black skirts with spaghetti strap tops or alluring cropped tops. Refer to the black skirt sets of Vietnamese celebrities, and ladies will have more outfit ideas for the end-of-year festivals.

Denim skirt

This skirt can also be a key piece to create luxurious outfits. Specifically, Vietnamese celebrities often choose long denim skirts and pair them with crop tops, then complete the outfit with a pair of sandals. This denim skirt outfit formula is trendy and enhances the wearer’s charm, ensuring femininity.

Flared skirt

Flared skirts have shown their enduring appeal through seasons and are loved by Vietnamese celebrities. The characteristic of flared skirts is their elegance, sophistication, modernity, and youthfulness. In addition, flared skirts also create a neat and graceful overall body shape, so ladies should add them to their wardrobe to elevate their style.

Slit skirt

Slit skirts not only enhance the attractiveness of the outfit but also create a slim and tall leg effect, making the figure appear taller. Vietnamese celebrities often pair slit skirts with pastel blue or white shirts and blazers to create elegant and sophisticated outfits. Lastly, shoes like platform sandals or small-sized sneakers will add a youthful touch to the outfit and effectively “hack” height.

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