Tips for Choosing the Perfect Skincare Product to Improve Combination Skin Flaws

First, you need to determine the nature of your skin type, whether it is oily or dry, in order to choose the appropriate product line for those issues.


Combination skin has 2 contrasting characteristics and is usually characterized by oily properties in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and normal or dry properties in the U zone.

The most common cause of combination skin is genetic, where the oil glands are more active in the T zone and less active in other areas. Additionally, external factors such as sweat, pollution, humidity, and stress can cause the skin to transition from normal or dry type to combination skin.

Combination skin often makes it challenging for individuals to select beauty and skincare products. The first step is to determine the predominant skin type, oily or dry, in order to choose suitable products for those specific concerns.

Skincare for Combination Skin

Caring for Combination skin with dry tendencies

In this group, the skin in the T zone tends to be slightly oily, while the U zone may experience dry, tight, flaky, or even sensitive sensations. It is recommended to choose products specifically designed for dry skin.

– Facial cleanser: Opt for a gentle cleansing product with a neutral pH, soap-free, and possibly containing mild AHAs…

– Toner: Choose an alcohol and paraben-free toner, then follow up with a moisturizing product that contains ingredients such as HA, glycerin, rose extract, or aloe vera.

– Moisturizer: Refer to the label instructions on moisturizing products. For combination skin with dry tendencies, look for labels that say “dry to dry combination” or “dry skin and combination skin.”

– Sunscreen: Choose a sunscreen product labeled “dry to dry combination” or “dry skin and combination skin.” Both lotion and cream forms are suitable. Opt for SPF 30 or higher, with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The product should also be free of alcohol, paraben, acne-causing ingredients, and pore-clogging agents.

– Exfoliator: Use gentle and natural exfoliating products to ensure the skin remains clean and maintains optimal nutrient absorption.

Caring for Combination skin with oily tendencies

For combination skin with oily tendencies, typically the T zone is more oily, while the U zone may have normal or slightly dry moisture levels. Skincare products for combination skin with oily tendencies can be chosen based on the recommendations for oily skin.