Crispy, flavorful rolled pork ears marinated in salt will be a delicious and interesting dish for a Tet meal. Let’s go into the kitchen with XANH Bach Hoa!

250 minutes processing
90 minutes
3 – 4 people

Besides pork sausage, stir-fried sausage…, and salted pig ear rolls will make your Tet meal more delicious and new. How to make pig ears rolled with salt is quite simple, please join us in the kitchen with Bach Hoa XANH!

1 Ingredients for making rolled pork ears soaked in salt

Ingredients for making rolled pork ears soaked in saltIngredients for making rolled pork ears soaked in salt

2 How to make rolled pork ears soaked in salt

Step 1 Prepare pig ears

When you buy pig ears, shave off the hair on the pig’s ears and cut off the smelly part of the pig’s ears. Wash the pig ears with salt and lemon, rinse with clean water, and drain.

Prepare pig earsPrepare pig ears

Step 2 Marinate pig ears

Add 2.5 liters of filtered water, 1 packet of chicken seasoning with salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon of sugar, lemongrass, chopped lemon leaves, and stir well. Put the pig ears in and soak for about 4-6 hours. Take a large, heavy bowl and place it on the pig’s ear so that the pig’s ear is submerged in the spiced water.

Marinate pig earsMarinate pig ears

Step 3 Cook pig ears

Put the pig ears and seasoning liquid in the pot, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Cook the pig ears over high heat. When the water boils, lower the heat and cook for about 1 – 1.5 hours until the pig ears are soft enough.

Cook pig earsCook pig ears

Step 4 Roll pig ears

Place 2 pig ears in plastic wrap. Roll the pig ears tightly into a round shape. After wrapping it a few times, use chopsticks or a skewer to poke the pork ear roll to let the air escape and you will be able to roll it tighter. After rolling, use an elastic band to tie both ends tightly. Put the pork ear rolls in the refrigerator to make the pig ears firmer and firmer.

Roll pig earsRoll pig ears

Step 5 Finished product

So your salted pork ear rolls are complete. Peel off the plastic wrap, cut the pig ears into bite-sized slices, put them on a plate, and enjoy immediately.

Finished productFinished product

3 Enjoy

Pig ears rolled in salt have a beautiful golden color, and each tendon interwoven with each other looks very attractive. The rolled pork ears are crispy, soft, and not too chewy. When enjoying, you will feel the very fragrant herbal flavor.

Pig ears rolled in saltPig ears rolled in salt

Source: Tu Le Mien Tay