Highlighting Five Varieties of Rice for Perfect Tet Meals

As T?t approaches, the focus for many is finding the right ingredients to have a joyful, memorable celebration. On the list of necessities is the staple of the Vietnamese diet - rice - which is a major shopping priority for the holiday.


One of our top priorities is the preparation of the Tet meal. We carefully select the food, flavors, and specialties to ensure that it is rich in national flavor.

The current market trend for brown rice is highly popular. This can be observed through the preference of housewives in their daily routines.

Consumers specifically tend to opt for branded rice, with a particular preference for established brands that have solidified their presence in the market in recent years. Today, we will highlight the top five rice varieties that are most commonly chosen by homemakers, guaranteeing a satisfying and well-rounded meal.

1G Đến Quyền

G?o Ð? Quyên

The grains are medium in length, slightly plump, and have a milky white color. When cooked, they possess a moderate elasticity, resulting in a soft texture and natural fragrance. This rice is known for its rich flavor and high nutritional value, making it a popular choice among many families.

The current price for 1 package of Do Quyen rice 5kg is 90,000.

Không Có Sự Phục Hồi Của Dịch Vụ 2G

G?o Kh?ng Tu?c Nguyên

Moreover, it is highly regarded as a top preference due to its outstanding qualities. This particular type of rice is carefully handpicked from the finest paddy fields in the Mekong Delta region, renowned for producing superior grains of rice with a rich history.

The rice grains exhibit excellent characteristics, with a robust appearance and a consistent, pale milky white color. When cooked, they possess a desirable stickiness and softness, accompanied by a delightful natural aroma. Notably, these rice grains retain their texture even after cooling. Furthermore, being bran rice, they offer exceptional nutritional value.

Currently, we have 1 package of Vinh Hien rice 5kg priced at 130,000? We are excited to offer a discounted price of only 99,000? for a limited time.

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G?o Nh?t B?n Taiyo

Choose Taiyo rice for a delightful T?t meal that offers the perfect combination of texture, aroma, and exotic flavors. It is the preferred choice for families seeking the elasticity and fragrance that only rice can provide. Experience the rich taste of this imported rice and elevate your dining experience this season.

Our premium Japanese rice is cultivated on the fertile alluvial soil of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The rice exhibits round and uniform grains. When cooked, it showcases a highly sticky and soft texture, along with a rich sweet taste and a light fragrance.

One package is priced at 120,000? and we also offer a discounted price of only 99,000?.

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G?o C? May

Co May rice is a delightful choice for families seeking rice with a moderate stickiness and light fragrance. The grains are characterized by a milky white color, long and slightly plump shape. When cooked, they expand moderately and have a soft and pleasantly sticky texture.

This specific variety of rice is highly cherished by numerous families in Vietnam. It has also attained the prestigious certification of “High Quality Vietnamese Goods” and is extensively exported overseas.

The price for a single package of Co May rice, weighing 5kg, is 85,000. However, we are currently providing a discounted price of only 78,000.

Vua Gọi Ðến Cuộc Trò Chuyện Về 5G

G?o thom Vua G?o Ð?m Ðà

This rice is cultivated in Cambodia using a specific rice variety, and is grown on fertile alluvial soil. This cultivation method allows for only one harvest per year, resulting in a clean and fragrant product that is completely free of pesticide and chemical residues.

The rice has long and uniform grains, which, when cooked, possess a fragrant aroma. It is soft, moderately sticky, and rich in flavor, making it a delightful choice for consumption.

The current price for a 5kg package of Vua Gạo Đồng Đà fragrant rice is 142,000?. We are currently offering a discounted price of only 99,000?.

Below are some popular rice types known for their moderate stickiness, soft texture, rich sweet flavor, natural fragrance, and high nutritional value. These rice varieties, when paired with traditional Tet dishes such as braised pork, bitter melon soup, and pickled vegetables, create a delectable meal that tantalizes the taste buds.