“Ancestor’s advice: ‘On the first day of Tet, don’t wear three sets of clothes’: What should the Year of the Dragon wear for good luck?”

The first day of Lunar New Year is the beginning of a new year. It is said that "On the first day of Lunar New Year, do not wear three types of clothes." What are those three types of clothes?


On the first day of Lunar New Year, it is believed that everyone should dress neatly and tidily, wash their face clean, and walk around the streets and alleys to showcase the festive atmosphere of the Tet holiday. According to ancient tradition, it is said: “On the first day of Tet, do not wear three sets of clothes”, so what are those three types of clothes?

1. Avoid wearing white or black clothes

On regular days, you can freely choose the color of your clothes to suit your personal style, but on the first day of Tet, it should follow certain rules to avoid being criticized. The colors white and black are often associated with mourning in traditional culture, so wearing white clothes during the spring festival can make people feel sad and uncomfortable. The spring festival is a time filled with laughter and joy, so wearing bright-colored clothes would be more suitable for the festive atmosphere.

In Vietnamese culture, the color red is considered a symbol of good luck, and during the Lunar New Year, red clothes are preferred and can better represent the expectations for a better future.

2. Avoid wearing clothes given by others

According to traditional beliefs, “Wearing clothes given by others is inheriting other people’s luck”. This means that one’s fortune can be influenced by the clothes they wear. Therefore, during this important time of the Spring Festival, people are more willing to choose clothes they like and that suit their own personality to ensure a favorable start to the new year. This also reflects the importance people attach to personal luck and their expectations for a better future during the Lunar New Year. No matter how poor they are, people still buy themselves new clothes to wear on the first day of the new year.

3. Avoid wearing damaged or torn clothes

Wearing neat and intact clothes is a good virtue in traditional culture and also reflects self-respect. On this important Tet day, people want to express their spiritual beliefs for a smooth and successful new year and avoid any unforeseen events. Therefore, choosing clean, bright clothes and avoiding damaged clothes is not only a sign of respect for traditional culture but also a way to seek good luck in the new year.

During this traditional festival, people pay attention to their relationships with family and society. Dressing neatly is not only a sign of self-respect but also respects their relatives and friends. When people visit each other, their eyes meet, and their well-dressed appearance will certainly add color to the overall scene. The vivid red clothes bring the flavor of Tet, making people feel the festive atmosphere of the spring festival.

In addition to dressing neatly, people should also pay attention to their words and actions. On the first day of the new year, the elderly often remind the younger generation to choose their words carefully, not to use foul language, let alone swear. Because in traditional culture, the first day of Lunar New Year is considered the beginning of a new year, and people hope to welcome the new year with their words and actions and maintain a harmonious and prosperous family. Therefore, when visiting relatives and friends, people should pay attention to their words and behavior, avoid misunderstandings, and unnecessary conflicts, to create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, and together embrace luck and smooth sailing in the new year.

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Frequently asked questions

The advice is to not wear three sets of clothes, as it is believed to bring bad luck. Instead, one should wear new and neat clothes, preferably in bright colors, to welcome the new year with positivity and good fortune.

In Vietnamese culture, the number three is often associated with negative connotations. It is believed that wearing three sets of clothes on the first day of Tet may invite bad luck, misfortune, or even death. This superstition is rooted in ancient traditions and beliefs.

For those born in the year of the Dragon, it is recommended to wear clothes with a strong and powerful color, such as red, pink, or orange. You can also choose to wear clothes with dragon patterns or symbols. Additionally, wearing new clothes that are comfortable and fit well is important to feel confident and positive throughout the day.

Yes, it is also believed that wearing torn or stained clothes, as well as clothes with pockets, should be avoided. It is seen as a sign of disrespect to the gods and ancestors, and it may bring bad luck. Instead, opt for clothes that are well-maintained and presentable.

Clothing choices on the first day of Tet are considered important in Vietnamese culture as they are believed to set the tone for the rest of the year. Wearing new and colorful clothes symbolizes a fresh start, good luck, and prosperity. It is also a way to show respect to the gods and ancestors, seeking their blessings for the new year.