Coffee Meets G7 – A Surprisingly Delicious Blend

Have you ever tried mixing Pho coffee with G7 coffee? It may sound strange, but the result is incredibly rich and flavorful. Give it a try!


5 minutes
Cooking time
5 minutes
1 person

Pho coffee and G7 coffee are two types of instant coffee that many people love. If you are already familiar with the taste of these two types of coffee, today let’s try combining them together to create a new drink!


  • 1 pack
  • 1 pack
  • Ice



Step 1 Prepare the coffee with milk

Pour 1 pack of Pho coffee with 1 pack of G7 black coffee into a glass, add 2 spoons of condensed milk (optional). Pour boiling water into the glass. Stir well until all the ingredients dissolve.

Prepare the coffee with milk

Step 2 Serve

Finally, add ice to the glass, stir well. Enjoy the rich and aromatic coffee with milk.



The combination of these two types of coffee creates a rich and flavorful coffee with milk. It has a creamy and sweet taste, balanced with a hint of bitterness from the coffee. For those who enjoy strong coffee, this drink will not disappoint you. Enjoy it!


Watch this TikTok video on how to mix Pho coffee with G7 coffee!

@bachhoaxanh.mwg Start the year with coffee, end the year with coffee!!! How will the combination of G7 black coffee, Pho coffee, and condensed milk taste like?#bachhoaxanh #bhx #bhxonline #bachhoaxanhluong10tr1thang ♬ background music – Bách Hoá XANH Online


Above is the recipe for mixing Pho coffee with G7 coffee that we want to share with you. Give it a try when you have the chance! Good luck!