Delight in the exquisite taste of Hillway’s refreshing and aromatic Peach Flavored Bubble Tea

Indulge in the exquisite delight of Hillway's sweet and fragrant peach-flavored bubble tea. This detailed review explores the flavor, quality, and affordability of Hillway's peach bubble tea, leaving you craving for more.


is a popular beverage loved by many people, especially the young. In addition, is also one of the most preferred flavors. If you are a fan of peach tea, then Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea is a must-try choice. Let’s find out more about this product through the following article.

1About Hillway tea brand

About Hillway tea brandAbout Hillway tea brand

Hillway is a Vietnamese tea brand, produced by FES Vietnam Co., Ltd., a member of the Singapore-based Food Empire Holdings Group.

FES Vietnam was established in 1994, being one of the first companies to introduce instant coffee culture to Vietnam with products like . Besides, FES also brings Vietnamese consumers other nutritious and convenient products such as .

Hillway pearl milk tea is the flagship product of this brand. Since its launch, Hillway has quickly gained a strong reputation, being enthusiastically embraced and supported by young people.

2What’s special about Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea?

Design, packaging

Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea is packaged in an eye-catching red-yellow box design. Inside the box, there are 5 packs of 16g milk tea and 5 packs of 30g pearls.

Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea includes 1 pack of tea powder and 1 pack of pearlsHillway peach flavor pearl milk tea includes 1 pack of tea powder and 1 pack of pearls


Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea is made from premium ingredients, ensuring safety for consumers. The tea powder is made from pure black tea, combined with natural peach flavor, and the delicious pearls are made from starch, sugar, and water, with a moderate chewiness and no stickiness.

Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea has a sweet and refreshing tasteHillway peach flavor pearl milk tea has a sweet and refreshing taste


Hillway peach tea has a sweet, refreshing, and irresistibly delicious taste. The tea has a moderate sweetness, not too sweet or too strong. The peach flavor brings a delicious, natural taste from real, fresh, juicy peaches.

Price reference: Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea ranges from 50,000 – 60,000 VND/box of 5 sets.

Currently, the product is not available for sale at our store, but you can check out other Hillway tea varieties such as: ,  at a great price.

3Usage instructions

Usage instructionsUsage instructions

Step 1 Put 1 pack of peach tea into a cup (you can adjust the number of packs according to your preference).

Step 2 Add 100ml of hot water and stir well.

Step 3 Open the accompanying pack of pearls and add them to the tea cup.

Step 4 Add ice cubes to the cup, you can also add other such as , ,… and enjoy.

Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea is a great refreshing drink suitable for all ages. If you’re looking for a delicious, refreshing peach milk tea, then Hillway peach flavor pearl milk tea is a must-try choice.

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