Get rid of these items in the new year to avoid bringing bad luck

Saving should also be "moderate" because there are things that are already old, so they should not be kept to avoid bringing trouble upon oneself, especially when stepping into the threshold of the new Lunar New Year.


Below are the items that need to be thrown away before the new year:

1. Broken cups, bowls, plates

In the past, our ancestors believed that cups and plates are symbols of prosperity and wealth for a family. Once these objects are broken, it is believed that they will bring bad luck and misfortune into the house. Therefore, when stepping into the new year, it is best to throw away any broken cups and plates and purchase new ones.

2. Old calendars

Just like clocks, calendars symbolize the flow of time, constant change, and progress without obstacles. However, many people have the habit of reusing old calendars for note-taking instead of throwing them away.

They might think that this has no consequences, but according to ancient beliefs, this can obstruct one’s fortune. Moreover, this can also lead to financial decline, hindrance in career advancement, and even business failure no matter how much effort and dedication is put into it.

3. Torn wallets

When we mention wallets, we are referring to wealth and prosperity. However, if a wallet is used for more than 3 years, it will significantly decrease the ability to attract wealth and hinder career progression. Additionally, from a feng shui perspective, if you use a torn wallet, the chances of losing money will be high. Therefore, in order to keep your money safe and attract wealth, it is advisable to invest in a high-quality wallet.

4. Damaged shoes

In feng shui, shoes also contribute to one’s fortune and reputation. Once they are torn or damaged, they symbolize hardship and difficulties. Therefore, do not hesitate to throw away old shoes and buy a new pair in order to both enjoy the Lunar New Year and attract good fortune into your home.

5. Dead clocks

Clocks are seen as symbols of time and life. If they stop running, many people believe that it is a bad omen, indicating loss and misfortune. Therefore, it is important to quickly replace the battery or take the clock to a repair shop to avoid negative impacts on your destiny and the destiny of those in your home.

6. Broken mirrors

According to ancient feng shui beliefs, mirrors have the ability to ward off evil spirits and reflect positive energy. However, when they are cracked or broken, they will have the opposite effect and bring bad luck, pain, and unhappiness. Although this is just a spiritual belief and not scientifically proven, it is still advisable to be cautious.

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