Increase Weight Instead of Decreasing it with These 3 Reasons When Drinking Smoothies

Many individuals opt for smoothies as a weight loss method, only to find that their weight doesn't decrease, but actually increases. There are three significant reasons why this happens when consuming smoothies, and it's essential to be aware of these. Let's dive right in and explore them!


is a delightful beverage made from different types of , , and . It has a refreshing taste, easy preparation, and is packed with nutrients, making it suitable for various individuals.

Drinking smoothies will not yield the desired results if you can drink it any way you want. According to Samantha Boesch, a health expert at Eatthis, if you stick to these 3 approaches, you will not be able to lose weight, but instead, gain more weight.

1Adding too much sugar or sweeteners to your smoothie

To make smoothies more delicious and easier to drink, many people tend to add lots of , as well as condensed milk to this beverage. However, adding excessive amounts of sugar and milk can pose serious risks to weight management and may even be the cause of obesity.

Regular sugar contains easily digestible carbohydrates and calories, which can lead to sudden weight gain and blood sugar spikes. Therefore, consuming too much sugar increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Furthermore, adding excessive sugar and milk also increases the levels of fat and glucose in the blood, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Moreover, they stimulate appetite, causing you to consume more calories and lose control over your weight.

Therefore, it is best to choose smoothies made with unsweetened milk or add a few tablespoons of to enhance the sweetness, utilizing the natural sweetness of fruits.

2Using ingredients with high calorie content in your smoothies

According to Lisa Young, a nutritionist and author of the health book “Last Full, Last Slim,” not all smoothies are good for weight management. If you use fruits that are high in calories, such as , , or coconut cream, your smoothie can also increase calorie consumption, affecting your weight.

Moreover, these fruits also cause an increase in blood sugar levels, leading to an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Using ingredients with high calorie content in your smoothiesUsing ingredients with high calorie content in your smoothies

Therefore, it is best to consider the amount and type of fruits when making smoothies to ensure sufficient energy and nutrition intake without causing weight gain.

However, you should not solely rely on smoothies but incorporate a variety of different food groups to ensure a balanced and healthy diet.

3Opting for pre-made smoothies instead of homemade ones

Busy individuals often choose to buy smoothies from stores to save time in preparation. However, this can hinder your weight loss efforts from achieving the desired results.

When buying smoothies from outside shops, you cannot know the origin and quality of the ingredients, and you also cannot completely control the amount of sugar and milk added by the seller. Excessive sugar is not good for health, especially for those with blood sugar-related diseases or diabetes.

Opting for pre-made smoothies instead of homemade onesOpting for pre-made smoothies instead of homemade ones

Many shops also add additives to make the beverage more flavorful. These additives not only affect the maintenance of ideal weight but also harm your health. Therefore, it is best to prepare smoothies at home to ensure safety, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness.

These are the 3 reasons why you may be drinking smoothies but still unable to lose weight as desired. Hopefully, the above solutions will help you overcome these habits that can cause weight gain!

Source: Women’s Newspaper

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