Learn Kim Ji Won’s Queen Of Tears fresh and natural makeup style

In the blockbuster "Queen Of Tears," Kim Ji Won stands out with her clean, gentle, and elegant makeup style. Learn how to achieve Kim Ji Won's makeup look now!


The allure of “Queen Of Tears” cannot be mentioned without the enchanting beauty of Kim Ji Won. The actress transforms into a talented businesswoman, exuding a noble charm while maintaining a saintly look. This image cannot help but bring to mind a more mature version of Yoo Rachel in “Heirs,” a role that made Kim Ji Won a sensation. Let’s learn Kim Ji Won’s makeup style in “Queen Of Tears”!

1 A barely-there, flawless base

To achieve a natural, glowing base like Kim Ji Won, moisturizing is essential before applying makeup. Use a gentle moisturizing mask or cream to fully hydrate the skin.

Kim Ji Won’s makeup style aims for a fresh, radiant beauty. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to covering imperfections. Choose a liquid foundation or cushion compact with a shade closest to your skin tone to create a sheer, lightweight base.

To perfect the “natural and dewy” look, use blush in a restrained manner. Based on your facial structure, apply blush in the appropriate position and lightly powder to achieve a natural, radiant effect.

A barely-there, flawless base

2 Big, round eyes as the focal point

Being born in 1992, Kim Ji Won has captivating big, round eyes that attract everyone’s attention. Thanks to this advantage, she focuses on highlighting her eyes with a variety of colors.

With a feminine style, she prefers light, gentle pink tones. When she wants to express power and elegance, she chooses impressive dark brown hues.

However, you should choose eyeshadow colors that suit your undertone for a harmonious overall makeup look. Cool undertones will match well with light, cool pink shades, while warm undertones will shine brighter with peachy orange hues. Adding a touch of shimmer in the center of the eyelids will make you stand out on special occasions.

Big, round eyes as the focal point

The secret to making the eyes even more captivating is naturally curled eyelashes. If you have thin and short lashes, you can use a few false lashes to create the most natural effect.

Thin eyeliner strokes will enhance an elegant and fresh look. Instead of black, try using dark brown eyeliner to bring balance to your eyes.

Well-groomed and precise eyebrows will contribute to a refined beauty. The sharpness of the eyebrows should match the overall face shape and personality of the character. In Kim Ji Won’s case, her eyebrows help convey the sophistication of a businesswoman.

Well-groomed and precise eyebrows

3 Choose light pink and nude lip colors

If Yoo Rachel in “Heirs” conquered everyone with a graceful shade of pink, then businesswoman Hong Hae In brings a gentle and elegant beauty with her lips adorned in a light pink with a hint of peach. The highlight for Hong Hae In’s lips is a highly moisturizing lipstick, keeping the lips soft and supple.

Choose light pink and nude lip colors

That’s a roundup of Kim Ji Won’s makeup tips in the drama “Queen Of Tears” from us. Try it today to see if this makeup style suits you!

Frequently asked questions

Kim Ji Won emphasizes her naturally beautiful big, round eyes by playing with a variety of colors. For a feminine and gentle look, she opts for light and soft pink tones. When she wants to exude power and elegance, she chooses dark brown shades that make a statement. It’s important to choose eyeshadow colors that complement your undertones for a harmonious overall effect. Cool undertones pair well with cool pinks, while warm undertones shine with peachy oranges. Don’t forget to add a touch of shimmer to the center of your eyelids for special occasions to make your eyes pop!

Naturally curled eyelashes are key to making the eyes even more captivating. If you have thin or short lashes, false lashes can help create a natural-looking enhancement. Thin eyeliner strokes in dark brown (instead of black) add definition while maintaining a fresh and elegant appearance. Well-groomed and precisely shaped eyebrows also contribute to a refined beauty. Ensure the sharpness and shape of your eyebrows suit your overall face shape and character—in Kim Ji Won’s case, her eyebrows convey the sophistication befitting a businesswoman.

Kim Ji Won opts for light pinks with a hint of peach to adorn her lips, a shade that exudes gentle elegance. To keep her lips looking soft and supple, she emphasizes the importance of highly moisturizing lipsticks, a key feature of her character Hong Hae In’s lip look in “Queen of Tears.”
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