Over 15 thrilling Y8 driving games for speed enthusiasts

When we talk about Y8 driving games, we are talking about a wide range of fun games for all players revolving around the theme of vehicles. From cars to buses, tanks, from racing to reaching the finish line... or even killing zombies, what are you waiting for? Get on board right away!


For those who are passionate about speed and adventure, and love the long asphalt roads around the world, Y8 driving games are definitely a simple yet extremely enjoyable way to immerse yourself in those feelings. Read this article from FPT Shop to find yourself various games with different themes and storylines featuring countless types of vehicles.

Certainly, many of you have experienced driving games from your childhood running on Adobe Flash, so below the article, there will also be a simple guide for you to play those games on Y8!

Over 15 diverse Y8 driving games with various vehicles and gameplay

When you scroll down the games in this article, you will see a link right below the game title to help you play the games you like right away. The instructions for playing them will be right below the game display screen on Y8.

1. Police Car Simulator / Grand Vegas Simulator

The first game on this list is Police Car Simulator, a game that allows you to control a police car and perform various missions in a large open world map such as: catching thieves, escorting celebrities, rescuing victims, etc.

You can earn bonus money when completing missions to unlock various police car models, different smoke colors for the car, and wheel styles, etc.

2. Burnout Drift 3: Seaport Max

In this third installment of the Burnout Drift series on Y8, you score points by performing long drifts without hitting the surrounding obstacles.

Unlike the previous versions, this third installment allows you to use nitro to speed up your car for even more dangerous yet visually stunning drifts.

3. Stunt Crazy

You will play as a reckless stuntman in Stunt Crazy. Your mission is to create action scenes on the film set by… ramming your car into the set props, the more, the higher the bonus money.

You can use the bonus money to upgrade your car even more.

4. Car Eats Car: Evil Cars!

In Car Eats Car: Evil Cars!, you control a wicked car. On your way to the finish line, you can “bite” regular cars to collect more diamonds.

Police cars will chase you based on your wanted level, and of course, you can attack them too. You can also collect items like nitro, bombs, health kits, etc., to support you on your way to the finish line.

5. Parking Fury

Unlike conventional driving games that require players to reach the finish line, Parking Fury requires players to successfully park the given cars in the right spots.

This Y8 driving game not only challenges players’ button control skills but also their intelligence.

6. Zombie Monster Truck

As the name implies, the obstacles you encounter on your way to the finish line in Zombie Monster Truck are bloodthirsty zombies.

The more zombies you destroy and the further you drive, the more gold coins you accumulate to upgrade accessories for your truck such as guns, gas tanks, engines, etc. You can also complete missions to earn more gold.

7. Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3 takes you into thrilling rally races, where you have to race against time on various terrains.

The stunning 3D graphics are the standout feature of this game. This third installment is also the most played version of the Rally Point series on Y8.

8. Moto X3M 3

In Moto X3M 3, although your mission is simply to reach the finish line before time runs out, the real challenge is the racecourse full of thorny traps.

Every time you climb and fly high, you can perform flips to reduce your total time.

9. Death Chase

Death Chase is an intense 2D racing game where you can explode opponent cars to take the lead. Each successful flip you make also accumulates nitro boost to go faster.

Not confined to racing cars, this game lets you unlock other vehicles to continue racing on Y8, including ambulances, police cars, etc.

10. Happy Rider Wheels

If you are a true gamer, you have probably played or watched streams of the legendary game Happy Wheels. This iconic game has been on Y8 for so long using the Adobe Flash plugin, but now Happy Rider Wheels has come back with other plugins such as WebGL and Unity3D.

It still has the same silly yet captivating gameplay with many different levels awaiting you. You can also create and share your own levels with other players.

11. Turbo Moto Racer

This game with over 39 million plays will show you how it feels to ride a super-fast motorbike on a high-speed highway.

There are several gameplay modes that you can unlock, such as timed races and free rides, after completing the required missions.

12. Conduct This!

In this game, not only do you have to determine when the trains stop or run, you also have to control the rail tracks, take passengers to the right station, etc.

Despite its simple gameplay using a mouse, this game challenges your reflexes, quick thinking, and information processing skills.

13. Physics Tank Maker 3.1

In Physics Tank Maker 3.1, you will participate in various missions on a tank.

The standout features of the game are its outstanding 3D graphics and realistic motion design.

14. Uphill Bus Simulator 3D

As the name suggests, Uphill Bus Simulator 3D puts you in charge of picking up passengers on a bus and taking them to the drop-off point on a hill.

Despite its simple design and graphics, this game has more than 15 million plays worldwide.

15. Furious Racing 3D

The last two games on this list have the same design, but the small highlights of each game make a difference for both of them.

Let’s start with Furious Racing 3D, a driving game that allows you to drive freely in a large, empty city and participate in various driving challenges.

Everything fun you do in this game can earn you points, including drifting, jumping, flipping, etc.

16. Y8 Multiplayer Stunt Cars

The last game on this list is Y8 Multiplayer Stunt Cars. This game also allows you to drive freely in a large space and perform various stunts like those seen in GTA 5 driving videos with millions of views.

Although the game doesn’t have a points or mission system like Furious Racing 3D above, you have 11 different car types to choose from and customize.

The two easiest ways to play Flash games on Y8

When it comes to Y8, we have to mention the Flash game repository that defined the childhood of countless young people, including many driving games like Happy Wheels, Stunt Master, etc.

With Adobe Flash being discontinued in 2020, here are the two simplest ways to replay those games that use the Flash plugin.

Method 1: Use the Ruffle – Flash Emulator browser extension

This is a browser extension that you can easily find in browser extension stores like Microsoft Edge Addons or Chrome Extension to help you replay old Flash games effortlessly.

  • Advantages: It works on any website with Flash games.
  • Disadvantages: Sometimes there may be display errors in the games.

Here’s how to download it:

Search for ‘your browser name’ + ‘extension’ to enter the browser extension store for your web browser > Search for Ruffle > Click Download > Open Ruffle in the Extensions menu on your browser > Select Play Flash content in Ruffle > Open the Flash game URL and start playing.

If Ruffle encounters a display error, select Open SWF Player and then copy the link of the game you want and paste it into the Ruffle URL box.

Method 2: Use the Y8 browser

When you click on Flash games on Y8 nowadays, you will see the line Install Y8 browser to play FLASH games. This is also a great way to replay old games.

  • Advantages: Games start up very quickly.
  • Disadvantages: Only works for games that have been uploaded on Y8.

Here’s how to download it:

Click on any Y8 Flash game > Click Download Y8 browser > Open the downloaded file > Click Run > Wait for the browser to be installed > Select the Flash game you want to play in the browser.


That’s FPT Shop’s recommendation for more than 15 exciting and captivating Y8 driving games with various themes. Almost every game on this list has its own unique highlights, so you can enjoy this list for a long time!

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