Signs of Laptop Screen Ink Bleeding and Detailed Solutions

A leaking laptop screen is a damaging flaw that affects the user experience, causing unclear or incomplete visibility of the displayed content. So, what causes this issue and can it be fixed at home? Let's explore right away with FPT Shop.


When using a computer, there are many errors that can occur with the screen, touchpad, speaker, keyboard, etc., so what you need to do is proactively research the causes and solutions in order to handle them in a timely manner. In this article, FPT Shop will help you understand the causes and solutions when the laptop screen leaks ink.

Signs of a laptop screen leaking ink

A laptop screen leaking ink is a phenomenon where black spots appear on the screen, making it difficult to observe the contents and perform operations on the screen. If left unattended for a long time, it can cause negative effects on the eyes and can be inconvenient to use.

In addition to the appearance of black spots, some other signs of a laptop screen leaking ink can include:

  • The screen has black streaks.
  • The screen has white spots.
  • The screen becomes blurry.

If your computer screen has small black spots that gradually spread and elongate on the screen, then that is a sign of a screen leaking ink. Another similar defect is dead pixels. Although the screen also has black spots, they will not spread.

If you use your computer frequently, it will affect the black spots and cause them to spread more slowly. Conversely, if the screen is leaking ink and you use the computer less frequently, these black spots can spread very quickly.

Causes of a laptop screen leaking ink

There are 2 main causes of a laptop screen leaking ink, and both originate from the user’s usage process.

Due to strong impacts

While using a laptop, if you are careless and it falls or receives a strong impact, this can be the main cause of a laptop screen leaking ink. When an impact occurs, black or white spots may not appear immediately but rather after a period of time.

Due to water damage

If you accidentally get water or other liquids on the screen, it can also lead to a leaking ink screen with the symptoms mentioned above. If a small amount of water gets on the screen, it may not have any effect. It mainly occurs in older computers, where the screen’s lifespan has decreased.

Solutions for a laptop screen leaking ink

If your laptop has this problem, there are simple methods you can perform to fix it. First, use a soft cloth wrapped around your finger and gently wipe around the area with the black spots to spread them to other areas. This is to disperse the black spots until they become so small that they are no longer noticeable.

However, this is only a temporary solution because the small black spots can still spread over time. Therefore, the best solution is to take your laptop to a reputable computer repair shop to have it checked and fixed by experts.

Depending on the condition of the ink bleeding on the screen and your budget, you can choose one of these two solutions. However, according to experts, once a laptop screen starts to leak ink, sooner or later, you will have to replace the screen.


Through this article, FPT Shop has helped you understand the signs, causes, and solutions when a laptop screen leaks ink. In order to avoid having to deal with these issues, you need to be careful and gentle when using your computer.