The Fortune-Telling General: Look into the palm, predict instantly whether one’s future will be rich or poor, extremely accurate

Palmistry studies have shown that just by looking at the gaps in one's hand, we can determine their personality traits as well as their fortune, whether they will be wealthy or poor.


Each person’s hand is unique, with its own distinctive features. Palmistry has studied and revealed that just by looking at the gaps in the palm, one can guess the personality as well as the destiny of a person, whether they will be wealthy or poor. Close your fingers and extend your palm and contemplate it.

Close fingers, no gaps

Close fingers indicate that you are an introverted person, conservative but not too traditional. You are not good at communication, speak frankly, and say whatever is on your mind, so you often do not win the favor of others. In work, you are extremely stubborn, quite mechanical, but the success rate is always high.

If the owner of this type of hand is a woman, she is a woman of the family, a good housewife, responsible for household chores, and skilled in housework. She likes to explore cooking, making delicious meals for her husband and children. Conversely, if it is a man, he will be a strong pillar for the family.

In life, they are emotional, thoughtful, always thinking about others, and sometimes even prioritize the interests of family members, friends, and loved ones over their own. These people have good money management and saving skills, but their earning capacity is average, so from middle age onwards, they only have enough to eat, and have a little surplus.

Index and middle finger with a large gap

If you have this type of hand, it means that you are independent, dislike constraints, and do not like to work in one place for a long time. However, you are loyal to a chosen profession and do not like many different jobs. These people, surely over 40 years old, your life will be prosperous and full of blessings.

On the path of love, your married life will also be happy and full of joy. Although there are sometimes disputes, arguments, they quickly understand and reconcile.

Gap between the ring finger and little finger

People with this type of hand usually have many ambitions, do not like to stay in one place, like to go here and there. You, on the other hand, are someone who works without a plan, reckless, careless, and even a bit conservative and traditional, which is why you are very likely to fall into a state of extreme poverty, “a millionaire at the beginning of the month, a beggar at the end of the month”. Moreover, if difficulties and failures keep knocking on your door, you will easily lose heart and give up everything, so life is always difficult and lacking. The path to success and career will be more shining if you work far from home.

Gap between the ring finger and little finger

You are a conservative person, too confident, who listens very little to the advice of others. In everything you do, you only do according to your own desires and ignore the opinions of others. Because of this, you are prone to making mistakes and not being liked by others. Besides, you hate constraints and dislike working under people who are less talented than you.

In love, you always want the other person to do what you want, even if it is illogical. This personality trait of yours will sometimes make the other person feel tired and frustrated, or even break up. To overcome this point, you should look directly at your mistakes to fix them, learn from the opinions of others, and think carefully and insightfully. Otherwise, your whole life will always be just a “pawn” on the chessboard, never able to lift your head up.

Gaps between all fingers

According to the perspective of palmistry, people with large gaps in their hands indicate that they are very comfortable with spending money, without hesitation. They spend a lot but are also very good at making money. However, if the four fingers are tightly pressed together but there is still a wide gap, the ratio between income and expenses will be unbalanced, always in a situation where expenses exceed income, unable to accumulate wealth, and at the end of life will encounter difficulties and shortages.