Why is beef hanging high above the market while pork is left on the table, surprising reason to pay attention when going to the market

Selling pork and beef at the market is also a crucial point for housewives to decide whether to buy meat from there or not.


If you pay attention to the meat stalls outside the market, especially when there are large amounts of meat, you will often see pieces of beef hanging on hooks while pork is displayed on the table. Is this just a common practice or is there a reason for it? What is the significance of this?

Because pork sells more and faster than beef

Displaying meat at the market is a way to attract customers. Pork is characterized by its mixture of fat, skin, and meat. Beef, on the other hand, is typically lean meat. If they were displayed in the same way, with both hanging, you would find beef more appealing and pork less so. This is because when hung, pork can reveal more fat.

Furthermore, there is usually a higher demand for pork than beef, with larger quantities being purchased. Therefore, hanging the pork takes much longer compared to hanging the beef. Additionally, the way pork is hung is not attractive. Sellers often need to place the entire pork slab on the table for easier cutting, which makes it heavy and difficult to hang.

Hanging beef helps preserve it better

When selling at the market, meat comes into contact with more air and the environment, making it more susceptible to spoilage. Therefore, when selling outside the market, sellers often hang beef to avoid contact with the moist surface of the table, which helps to preserve it for a longer time. Since the rate of beef sales is usually slower than pork, the selling time is longer, so hanging the beef helps it last longer.

Hanging beef showcases its quality

When buying meat, people often worry about the quality of beef because it is more expensive and purchased in smaller quantities compared to pork. Buyers are concerned about the presence of water-injected beef. Therefore, if the beef has been injected with water, sellers will not hang it, as hanging would cause the water to drip down. However, if the beef is placed on the table, it is harder to detect. Therefore, many sellers choose to hang the beef to showcase the high quality and deliciousness of their meat. Additionally, hanging beef allows customers from a distance to see it, making it more enticing to potential buyers.

In addition to the above considerations when buying pork and beef, to ensure the purchase of fresh and delicious meat, housewives should pay attention to:

– Fresh meat should have a natural pink or red color, avoiding overly dark or unusual colors.

– When pressed, the meat should be resilient.