4 Perfectly Lucky Moments When Babies Are Born, Overflowing with Prosperity that Many Envy

The timing of a child's birth has a significant impact on their life, so becoming a parent is not a matter of convenience but rather choosing the best timing for the child.


Many people often consult their horoscopes to determine the best time to have children. They believe that the alignment of the stars can influence their child’s fate. However, it is important to consider the family’s circumstances when deciding to have a baby.

There are several key factors that can greatly impact a child’s life:

The Time when Parents Are Harmonious

Having a child can bring many changes to a family. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to be in a harmonious relationship before having a baby. The arrival of a child can either bridge the gap between parents or create additional pressure. This pressure not only affects the parents but also the child. Witnessing the disharmony between parents can be traumatic for children, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Therefore, it is important for parents to determine the most suitable time to have a child based on their own circumstances rather than relying solely on horoscope readings. While horoscopes can provide guidance, it is crucial to ensure that the baby is welcomed into a happy and loving environment. Growing up in a loving and supportive environment helps children develop trust in life and allows their intelligence to flourish. A child born into love is fortunate, and growing up surrounded by love brings a lifetime of happiness.

The Time when the Parents’ Financial Conditions are Stable

Having a child involves additional expenses for the family. Therefore, if parents are not financially stable, it can cause stress for both the parents and the child. It is unfortunate when a child falls ill or experiences discomfort, and the parents cannot afford to meet their basic needs. Raising a child requires additional financial resources on top of the already existing expenses. Even childbirth itself comes with various costs, and having sufficient financial stability allows parents to choose safer and better childbirth services, including comprehensive screening tests. When a child falls ill, having access to better healthcare services, including vaccines, becomes crucial.

The expenses associated with raising a child are numerous, and it is not necessarily true that younger children have lower expenses compared to adults. The cost of raising a child is often higher than maintaining an adult’s lifestyle. Therefore, if parents are financially struggling, their child will be significantly affected. Financial pressures can lead to conflicts between parents and a scarcity of essential items such as food, clothing, and diapers. These conflicts place a burden not only on the parents but also on the child.

The Time when the Parents’ Health is Optimal

Parents’ health plays a crucial role in the well-being of their children. Conception during periods of poor health can be detrimental to the baby. Pregnancy when the mother is using medication or stimulants can lead to birth defects. Pregnancy when the mother’s health is compromised is risky for both the mother and the baby. Giving birth at an older age or when the parents are already in a weak state poses risks as the child may not receive proper care. A significant age gap between parents and children can also present challenges in child-rearing. Children are energetic and active, while older parents have declining energy levels, making it difficult to keep up with the child’s needs.

Conversely, giving birth at a very young age may result in a lack of experience and maturity in handling life’s challenges.

The Time when Grandparents are Available for Support

Grandparents are invaluable sources of support, especially for young couples, especially when they have their first child. Grandparents always have a special affection for their grandchildren. A baby always benefits from having someone by their side, and having grandparents around allows the parents to have more time for rest, reducing the stress they experience. Furthermore, as the child grows older, grandparents can provide reliable care, giving the parents peace of mind without the need for external help.

Taking care of a child and catering to their needs can sometimes feel like having a never-ending task. However, having grandparents around to support and assist makes a significant difference. It helps parents alleviate their own stress and enables them to be happier and more attentive to their child’s needs.

Therefore, it is important to consider not only auspicious horoscope dates or good months according to the lunar calendar but also the actual circumstances of the family, including the age, mental state, and financial stability of the couple. The best preparation for welcoming a child into this world is to ensure financial security, emotional readiness, and a nurturing and healthy family environment.