7 Simple Solutions for Speeding Up Durian Ripening

Don't despair if your durian is still unripe - with a few slight modifications to its environment, you can enjoy the sweet fruits of your labour sooner than expected! By simply cooler the durian, you can reduce its ripening time - bringing it just a few days away from being ready to eat and enjoy.


Durian, a highly aromatic and luscious fruit, holds a special place in the hearts of many. When faced with an unripe durian, our article offers valuable insights on handling it and presents 7 practical tricks to expedite its ripening process.

Identifying a Naturally Ripe Durian

Durian is widely recognized as the king of fruits, yet its natural ripeness often remains a mystery for many. One key characteristic of naturally ripe durian is its distinctive and robust aroma, which is both powerful and sweet.

When the durian is ripe, its external spikes will be slightly larger and evenly distributed. The spikes at the top will have a round shape. The distance between the spikes will be thin, and the color will be a yellowish shade of banana green, unlike the green color it has when it is still young.

How to identify naturally ripe durian
How to identify naturally ripe durian

Upon applying pressure to the stem, one will notice a slightly moist and wet texture, accompanied by resin flowing out. This indicates that the durian has not undergone forced ripening. Additionally, the tail of the durian showcases long, narrow grooves extending from the base to the stem. As the durian ripens, these grooves will eventually crack.

The tail of the durian has long, small grooves
The tail of the durian has long, small grooves

Peeling a durian is an effortless and delicate process. As you peel away each layer, the durian’s skin gradually reveals its delectable contents. The flesh of the durian is not only delicious, but it boasts a delightful fragrance, richness, and smoothness.

When you peel it, it is very easy and gentle
When you peel it, it is very easy and gentle

To determine if a durian is ripe, there are a few methods you can try. Firstly, lightly tapping the durian or giving it a gentle shake can reveal a ripe fruit through the sound it produces. Additionally, weighing the durian and observing a lighter weight can also indicate ripeness.


Dealing with Unripe Durian: Tips to Follow

Unripe Durian
Place the unripe durian in a cool place for a few days and they will ripen

If the durian is unripe when opened, it is advised to avoid immediate disposal and instead keep it in a cool environment until it ripens.

After a few additional days, the remaining durian will reach its peak ripeness if it is not treated with chemicals. It is important to avoid wrapping it too tightly, as this can lead to spoilage.

7 Natural Tricks to Quickly Ripen Durian

Speeding Up the Ripening Process of Durian with Rice Straw

Covering durian with rice helps ripen the fruit quickly
Covering durian with rice helps ripen the fruit quickly

Durians, known for their unique taste and scent, require a specific ripening process to fully develop their natural deliciousness. One traditional method involves using rice to cover the durian, allowing for high covering properties and effective moisture absorption. By doing so, the ethylene gas, responsible for the fruit’s ripening process, is contained within the rice enclosure, facilitating a quick and optimal ripening whilst preserving the fruit’s discerning qualities. This method can be applied to various types of fruits, proving its versatility and effectiveness in fruit ripening practices.

Can Incense Smoke Help Ripen Durian?

Ripen durian with incense is also quite effective
Ripen durian with incense is also quite effective

Incense is known to contain specific compounds that have the ability to expedite the production of ethylene gas in fruit. As a result, it has been observed that fruits positioned on an altar alongside incense tend to ripen at an accelerated rate.

To achieve optimal ripening of the durian fruit, follow these steps:
1. Prepare a clean plastic bag.
2. Place a few durian fruits inside the bag.
3. Light an incense stick and ensure the smoke is evenly dispersed within the bag.
4. Once the incense is extinguished, securely tie the bag.
5. Allow the durian fruits to ripen for a period of 3 days.
6. Enjoy the resulting ripe and fragrant durian.

Using Ash, Bran, and Broken Rice to Ripen Durian

Use ash and bran to ripen durian, similar to using rice
Use ash and bran to ripen durian, similar to using rice

Using ash and bran to ripen durian is a method akin to using rice. The process involves lining a box with ash or bran, followed by placing the durian inside and then covering it with an additional layer of ash or bran.

To ensure optimal ripening, it is recommended to securely cover the box for a duration of 3-5 days. By doing so, the durian will reach its peak ripeness while emitting a delightful fragrance, allowing for a truly enjoyable consumption experience.

Using Sunlight to Increase the Nutritional Quality of Ripened Durians

Sunlight can also help durian ripen quickly
Sunlight can also aid in the quick ripening of durian.

High temperatures also induce the release of ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone. To expedite the ripening process of a durian, you can securely wrap it in a plastic bag, tie it tightly, and position it outside to benefit from direct sunlight. By confining the emanation of ethylene and subjecting the fruit to elevated temperatures, the durian will ripen expeditiously, making it ready for consumption within a matter of days.

Using Cloth and Towel to Hasten Durian Ripening

Covering the durian with cloth and cotton towel to ripen it
Using cloth and cotton towel to cover the durian to ripen it

Instead of using plastic wrap, an alternative method to cover the durian is by using cloth and cotton towels. This approach allows the durian to naturally ripen, although it may take slightly longer. Once you detect the unique and fragrant aroma of the durian, it is then ready to be removed from the cloth and enjoyed with others.

Heating up Durian by Placing it Beside Ripe Fruits

Many fruits emit ethylene gas as they ripen, which accelerates the ripening process. Ethylene is a natural compound that aids fruit ripening.

Ripen durian by placing it next to ripe fruit
Ripen durian by placing it next to ripe fruit

To accelerate the ripening process of durian, it is advisable to either keep it in proximity to ripe fruits or place it in a sealed container together with ripe fruits. This method will yield a ripe and aromatic durian within a few days.

Results of Ripening Durian with Paper Bag, Plastic Bag and Banana Revealed

Ripen durian with paper bag, plastic bag
Ripen durian with paper bag, plastic bag

Using either paper bags or plastic bags to store or control the release of ethylene gas is a tried-and-true method for expedited fruit ripening. When it comes to durian, tightly wrapping it in either of these bags and adding apples or other fruits before securely securing the bag’s opening will result in accelerated ripening in just a matter of days.

Apples can produce ethylene gas, which helps in the ripening process of durian fruits. However, it is important to tie the bag loosely to prevent the accumulation of anaerobic conditions that can negatively impact the flavor. Additionally, it should be stored in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Here are some techniques for handling unripe durian and expedited durian ripening methods. I trust this article has furnished you with valuable and engaging information.

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