8 Nutritious Foods to Keep Your Body Warm on Cold Days

During the winter season, on days when the temperature drops, it is beneficial to consume the following types of food to help keep your body warm from the inside out.


Green leafy vegetables

Did you know that green leafy vegetables such as kale, mint leaves, spinach,… also help to warm up your body significantly? They are not only delicious to eat in winter but also good to eat at any time of the year.

In addition to their warming effect, these green leafy vegetables also have the ability to boost your immune system.

Braised pork with duck eggs

Braised pork with duck eggs – a familiar dish that often appears in many families’ meals due to its irresistible aroma will be the next choice for winter lunches. The juicy meat with beautiful brown color and distinctive aroma is tempting. The tender and fatty meat soaked in savory and sweet braising sauce, combined with the chewy and flavorful duck eggs, makes it a perfect dish to enjoy with rice.

Pork and potato soup with minced meat

A meal will be complete with the presence of pork and potato soup with minced meat, which is hot and eye-catching with its purple color. The tender and smooth potatoes, the soft and fatty minced meat create a soup with sweet and savory flavor that is hard to resist.

Stir-fried jicama with eggs

After having braised dishes and soups, stir-fried dishes cannot be missed, right? Stir-fried jicama with eggs, with its crispy and sweet jicama and carrots, cooked just right without being too soft, combined with the richness of eggs, creates a fantastic meal.

Black pepper

Black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat common winter ailments such as respiratory tract inflammation, colds, coughs, and even joint inflammation. In a cold meal, just adding a little black pepper to the dish will help your body fight against the cold outside and prevent diseases.

Pork rib and vegetable soup

Pork rib and vegetable soup, with the combination of various ingredients, creates a visually appealing soup. The broth has a sweet and clear taste from the simmered bones, vegetables, and red apple. The crispy and sweet corn, carrots, and turnips, the firm and flavorful mushrooms, are all delicious to eat with the tender and juicy pork ribs.

Stir-fried abalone mushrooms with garlic

Fresh and nutritious abalone mushrooms stir-fried with pure and fragrant garlic, chili, and spring onion create a delicious and appetizing dish. The crunchy and naturally sweet abalone mushrooms with the perfect balance of spicy and salty flavor are very enjoyable.

Pumpkin soup with meat

A bowl of pumpkin soup with meat gives off a stimulating aroma that excites the taste buds. The clear broth has a sweet and clear flavor from the crispy and sweet pumpkin and the tender and juicy meat. It’s even more delicious when dipped in spicy fish sauce.

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