Can I play with the phone, Mom?: 3 answers that determine a child’s life

How parents handle it when a child demands to use their phone can have a significant impact on their child's life.


“Mom is very busy, mom will give the phone to you. Let mom quiet for a while.”

“Mom is very busy, you can play with the mobile phone for a while, let mom calm down for a while.” I heard that a “boy” used his mother’s mobile phone linked to the bank card to reward the host tens of thousands of yuan when watching the live broadcast. There are also primary school students who shop online while playing with their phones, almost spending all the hard-earned money of their parents… Behind these “naughty children” often have “bad parents” who tolerate their children’s excessive use of mobile phones.

Many parents, although knowing that their children’s excessive use of mobile phones is not good, due to busy work, many household chores waiting to be solved after work, they often do not have time to go out and play with their children. When their children disturb them to play with their mobile phones, they have no choice but to give the mobile phone to the kids, and try to calm down for a while.

“You can only play for a while!”

“Playing with phones is harmful to the eyes. Can you do your homework for a while?” The mother cleverly refused the child’s request and found many reasons not to support the child playing with the mobile phone. However, the child did not give up and continued to persistently ask. Most parents cannot resist the cute and pitiful look of their children, so they have to take out their mobile phones and say to their children: “Then you can only play for a while!” Because they have the opportunity to touch the mobile phone, children gradually become obsessed with the world on the mobile phone and will try their best to gain the “right” to use the mobile phone next time.

As adults, we have a hard time controlling the amount of time we spend on our mobile phones. Sometimes we watch videos, watch TV shows,… time passes unconsciously. In this information explosion era, there are so many wonders that make people unable to stop. Moreover, children who lack autonomy, once they hold up their mobile phones, it is very difficult to stop.

As predicted, 15 minutes have passed, another 10 minutes have passed, and then another 5 minutes have passed… In short, children have countless reasons not to return the mobile phone. Mothers have to use “killer tools” and the results are often not as expected.

“Here is yours!”

As usual, the mobile phone is an “instant knockout” solution for children who cry, misbehave, and fool around. Sometimes it is even more effective than the harsh parenting methods, and it takes effect after repeated attempts. Therefore, some parents simply do not wait for their children to make a request, but proactively give them a mobile phone, and the children can also have a “light” period of time.

If everything continues like this, children will be more and more familiar with mobile phones, even addicted to them. They don’t know that at an age when they need the most care and companionship, they are left behind with a mobile phone, and their relationship with their parents is getting farther and farther away. Parents replace their responsibilities with mobile phones and also lose the love and dependence of their children. In fact, mobile phones not only make children addicted, but also affect their learning, and even develop some bad habits.

More importantly, mobile phones will cause long-term damage to children’s health. For example: decreased vision, cervical spondylosis, electronic radiation, long-term use of mobile phones leading to sleep deprivation, decreased memory… will affect the development of children. According to scientific research data: children play with mobile phones for half an hour a day, blink more than 7 times per minute, and average blink time is less than 5 seconds. If everything continues like this, children’s vision will seriously decline.

If you do not control your child’s mobile phone use behavior, it may be too late when the problem really occurs. Therefore, for temporary leisure, don’t just give your mobile phone to your child, let your mobile phone accompany your child to grow up with us.

In fact, we do not completely reject the request to play with mobile phones for children, but we have no better choice.

When the child says, “Mom, can I play with the mobile phone?” You can try to answer: “Oh, is the baby sad? Come on, let mommy play with you for a while!”, “What do you want to play with the phone for? Let’s go! Mommy will take you to the amusement park!”, “My dear, mommy is cooking, mommy needs help, can you help mommy? Do you want to choose this dish?”,…

Wait for the answer, I believe that the child will be very happy and will no longer bother you to play with the mobile phone. In fact, these answers all lead to the same result, which is to accompany the child to the end. Ask yourself, does your child really want to play with the phone or do they want to have a relationship with you?

Most of the time, children use mobile phones because they feel lonely and bored, or because they want to follow suit. When everyone is playing with their mobile phones and parents are also playing, if they don’t play alone, children may feel that they are very left out. However, if you propose to play with your child, they will feel appreciated and less lonely. So, when the child makes a request, we must respond in a timely manner, giving love and care to the child. Spend time with children and take them out for a walk. Satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so that children feel that the outside world is much more interesting than mobile phones.

When a child demands to play with a mobile phone, the different answers of parents reflect different attitudes and parenting styles, which can lead the child to a different life. Of course, in today’s society, it is impossible to completely isolate mobile phones, but we need to pay attention to the following points after controlling the use of mobile phones by children.

  • Interact with children daily, cultivate their interests and hobbies, and enrich their daily lives.
  • Children under 2 years old should not stare at the mobile phone screen for a long time.
  • The best way for children to stay away from mobile phones is to redirect their attention.
  • Parents should minimize the use of mobile phones in front of their children.
  • Set rules for children to play with mobile phones and strictly abide by them.
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