Children born on this auspicious day of the Lunar calendar grow up with the God of Wealth, bringing abundant blessings and wealth to their parents.

Children born on this auspicious day are predicted to bring wealth to their families and parents.


Children born on the 1st and 6th Lunar Day

In the book of astrology about human life, most often children born on the 1st and 6th Lunar Day work very hard and excel in many aspects. Their positive personality partly affirms their efforts and helps them attract more luck.

These people will strive to overcome difficulties and improve themselves to become stronger rather than be discouraged by challenges.

They will learn and accumulate new skills to support their work more effectively. In the future, the work of people born on the 1st and 6th Lunar Day will become smoother, attract attention from many people, and achieve success, leading to a prosperous life.

The 8th and 17th Lunar Day

The 8th Lunar Day is the most prosperous day and the 17th Lunar Day is the birth day of the God of Wealth. These two days are very bright and shining.

Therefore, children born on these two Lunar Days, whether male or female, are classified as dragons and phoenixes. They are not only naturally endowed with extraordinary determination but also experience great luck in life.

If they are males, they have the potential to take on responsibilities and have the opportunity for promotion. If they are females, they have auspiciousness, and their lives can go from poverty to wealth, leading to a comfortable life. Whether your child marries a rich or poor person, starts from scratch, the ultimate result will still be a future of wealth and prosperity.

The 9th and 10th Lunar Day.

Children born on the 9th and 10th Lunar Day have the numerology of “ten full and perfect”, and their wealth will flourish in the house.

Children born on these two Lunar Days have a very stable personality, rich imagination, and are willing to fight for anything, whether male or female.

Your child will have a bright future as they will become people with a progressive will and have good jobs, a strong and stable career, grasping wealth and prosperity firmly in their hands.

In the future, your child will undoubtedly become the pride of the family, and you as the parents will enjoy prosperity and fortune thanks to them.

Born on the 3rd and 15th Lunar Day

According to birthdate astrology, children born on the 3rd and 15th Lunar Day, especially those of the Year of the Tiger, are confident, quick-witted, and have strong independence since childhood.

In many situations, they have shown superiority over their peers of the same age from a young age. They are very proactive and actively solve problems instead of being afraid or relying on others.

People born on these Lunar Days are modest even though they are talented. They often silently strive to surpass others. With diligence and perseverance, they have the opportunity to succeed in the future and bring honor to their family.

People born on these Lunar Days are blessed with lucky stars and prosperous luck throughout their lives. Not only successful in their careers, they also have a happy marriage, making their parents proud.

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