Cure Fishy Odor with These 2 Fruits – Perfectly Fresh, Beautifully Colorful, No Need for Sugar

This fish stew with these vegetables and fruits not only eliminates the fishy smell but also enhances the flavor of the stew, making it delicious and appetizing.


Usually, many people are often creative with many different ways to cook fish, combining with various types of vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, starfruit, tamarind, soy sauce… to get rid of the fishy smell.

Among them, braised fish with green bananas and pickled cucumbers is preferred by many people because not only does it not have any fishy smell, but the finished dish is also delicious, very satisfying.

Braised fish with pickled cucumbers, green bananas

Ingredients for braised fish:

– 3 pieces of fish

– Pickled cucumbers

– Several green bananas

– Ginger, sesame, turmeric

– 1 pack of braised fish sauce

– Water

– Fish sauce and seasoning powder


– Clean the fish by rubbing salt and rinsing it thoroughly. Sprinkle the braised fish powder evenly on the surface of the fish and marinate for 20-30 minutes. Slice the ginger, sesame, and turmeric into thin pieces.

– Peel the green bananas and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Place a little ginger, sesame, and turmeric at the bottom of the pot, then arrange the fish on top, followed by the remaining ginger, sesame, and turmeric, and finally arrange the pickled cucumbers and bananas on top.

– Add some water, fish sauce, and seasoning powder to taste.

– Add enough boiling water to cover the fish and simmer until the water gradually reduces. At this point, the fish, cucumbers, and bananas are all cooked and well-seasoned. The fish is crispy and goes well with white rice. The bananas and cucumbers even taste better than the fish.

Braised fish with coconut milk


– Coconut water

Coconut water made from fresh, beautiful, non-bitter coconut water.

Instructions for making coconut water:

– Step 1: Coconut water must be filtered to remove the coconut fibers. After taking the coconut water out of the coconut, it must be cooked immediately. If left for too long, the coconut water will become sour and the coconut water will not be delicious.

– Step 2: Pour the coconut water into a pan or pot and start boiling. When the coconut water evaporates, you can add more coconut water and continue boiling.

– Step 3: When the coconut water has reduced by about half and starts changing color, reduce the heat. During the cooking process, you can gently stir with a chopstick to quickly evaporate the water and prevent it from burning. Keep an eye on the stove during cooking.

– Step 4: At this step, you can repeat the process and pour it into a small pot for easy stirring (optional). Observe that the coconut water has a thick, sticky consistency and a brownish color to complete. The coconut water needs to cool completely before pouring it into bottles or jars for later use.

– Because it is made from pure coconut water, the taste will be slightly bitter, the color after braising will be a beautiful dark red, fragrant. It is not bitter and does not have a strong smell like caramel sauce.

Storage is very simple, just cover it tightly and keep it in a cool and dry place for up to 3 years.

Coconut water made from coconut water will make braised dishes more delicious and have a beautiful color.

Try applying the method of using coconut water to enhance the delicious flavor and ensure the health of your entire family!

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