Delicious Antibiotic-Free Pan-Fried Shrimp for A Cozy Winter Meal

With this cooking method, your family meals will become more enticing and diverse during the cold winter days.


When it comes to the types of seafood that many people love, you cannot miss the familiar ingredient of shrimp. This is a food with a delicious taste, rich in nutrients, and a diverse range of cooking methods.

In addition to dishes such as grilled chili shrimp, steamed beer shrimp, tamarind fried shrimp, deep-fried shrimp, Chinese-style braised shrimp, fresh shrimp soup with gourd, stir-fried shrimp with vermicelli, sour shrimp soup, shrimp cooked with morning glory… you can also learn how to make garlic butter shrimp with this simple recipe.

1. Ingredients for making garlic butter shrimp

– Large shrimp: 10 pieces

– Garlic: 10 cloves

– Seasoning: Cooking oil, 2 spoons of soy sauce, salt, 1/2 spoon of rice vinegar, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1/2 spoon of dark soy sauce

2. How to make garlic butter shrimp

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

– After buying fresh shrimp, rinse them clean, remove the whiskers and legs. Then, use a knife to remove the black thread along the shrimp’s spine and rinse again with water to clean.

– Peel the garlic, wash and finely chop.

Step 2: Fry the shrimp

– Place a frying pan on the stove, add a little cooking oil and heat it up.

– When the oil is hot, one by one, add the cleaned and prepared shrimp to fry evenly on both sides. You can gently press the shrimp with a spoon so that the oil inside it can flow out.

Step 3: Saute the shrimp with garlic butter sauce

– Add the chopped garlic to the fried shrimp pan, then add the seasonings in the following proportions: 2 spoons of soy sauce, 1/2 spoon of dark soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of sugar, a little salt, and 1/2 spoon of rice vinegar.

– Use utensils such as spoons or chopsticks to stir evenly until the sauce gradually thickens and evenly coats the shrimp. Then, turn off the heat and transfer to a serving dish.

After being cooked, garlic butter shrimp has an incredibly attractive aroma from fried garlic and a beautiful red color. When you eat, you will feel the firm and flavorful shrimp with a slightly salty and fragrant taste. This dish is best served with hot rice and is very satisfying. Whether you are an adult or a child, you will love it.

3. Notes when making garlic butter shrimp

– When buying shrimp, you can observe the color of the shrimp’s body, the connection between the head and body of the shrimp, or the tail of the shrimp. Fresh and delicious shrimp often have colors like green, pink… and have tails neatly folded together. On the contrary, you should avoid shrimp with black color or tails spread out because they are often dead, pumped with chemicals, or preserved for a long time and no longer fresh.

– To make the dish more aromatic and flavorful, you can add a little fresh chili or ground pepper when sauteing.