How to Remove Toxins from Pork: Follow This Method for 100% Clean Meat

Many people feel uneasy when eating pork from outside markets but do not know how to ensure that the pork is free from toxins. Here is a simple method that anyone can do to remove toxins from pork.


Tips for Choosing Good Pork Meat

When buying pork, it is important to observe carefully. Instead of simply saying “Give me 5 ounces of pork neck” or “Give me 3 ounces of pork belly”, apply the following methods to choose and buy clean pork meat:

Observe the following signs and never buy pork meat if:

If the pork is injected with water, the meat will be pale, sticky, the fibers will be soft, and it will release more water compared to normal meat. When you notice this sign, do not buy.


Avoid buying lean and thin pieces of meat that may have been injected with a fat-reducing solution, which can be dangerous to your health if consumed.

Homemakers should also avoid buying pieces of meat that have a dark red color, as it may be due to the pig being injected with tranquilizers before slaughter, causing blood to accumulate in the cells and making the color of the meat darker.


When making a selection, press the meat with your finger to create a dent. If the meat returns to its normal shape when you lift your finger, it indicates that it is good quality meat.

Tips for Proper Meat Preparation

When handling pork, soaking the meat in hot water or boiling it can cause a significant loss of protein. In addition, boiling the meat can denature it and absorb more chemicals and impurities, making the meat more toxic. To properly handle raw meat, you should quickly rinse the meat with clean water or water mixed with a little salt.


The best and most effective method is to soak the meat in a diluted saltwater solution to remove impurities and improve the taste of the dish.

Alternatively, you can put the meat in a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil. During this process, if you see any foam on the surface of the boiling water, you should skim off the foam as it may contain toxins from the meat.


If you follow these steps diligently before cooking, you can be confident in the safety of the pork meat without worrying too much.

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