3 types of vegetables that serve as both spices and medicinal herbs, boosting immunity for the whole family

These types of vegetables are commonly used in dishes to enhance flavors. Moreover, they also have healing properties that can help with various illnesses.



Dr. CK2 Huynh Tan Vu, University Medical Center of Ho Chi Minh City (Branch 3), said that in traditional medicine, onions have a spicy and not poisonous taste. It is used as a medicine to induce sweating, diuretic, antiseptic, and to drink water to treat fever, malaria, flu, headache, swollen face.

Take crushed onions, add boiling water to the pot or add onions to hot porridge to eat to help treat flu, headache, stuffy nose.

Thanks to its malic acid, phytin and allicin, onions also have natural antibiotic effects. Onions also contain essential oil (mainly allicin, which has a very strong antibacterial effect).

Some remedies for onions:

– Treat fever in children: 60g onions, 10g crushed star anise, add a cup of boiling water, steam into the mouth and nose, do a few times a day, no need to drink.

– Use onions to treat flu, headache, stuffy nose: 30g onions, 15g fennel seeds, 10g crushed star anise, 10g cinnamon, 300ml water, boil, remove residue, drink while hot, cover yourself with a blanket to sweat.

Kinh Gioi

Wild Thai Basil contains a lot of essential oils, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, inhibiting some viruses. This type of leaf has a pleasant aroma and a strong spicy taste.

According to scientists, wild Thai Basil has the effect of reducing fever, anti-inflammatory, relieving pain and calming when used in moderation.

In traditional medicine, wild Thai Basil has a spicy taste, warm nature, used to treat external infection fever (relieve cold symptoms), produce sweat, warm the stomach and the digestive system. Everyday use 6-12g of liquid medicine or powdered medicine.

Some remedies from wild Thai Basil:

– Heat-reducing, prevent summer flu: use wild Thai Basil water, brown rice, mung bean to cook porridge. Eat 2-3 times a day.

– Treat flu: Crush wild Thai Basil until golden. When flu symptoms appear, take 6-8g.

– Flu remedies: Wild Thai Basil flower, purple perilla, mugwort, mint, myrrh, incense all in equal amounts, add water multiple times, condense into high concentration, make pills with corn kernels. When having a cold, take about 7-8 pills.

– Treat summer flu, sunstroke, headache, fever: Use 3-10g of wild Thai Basil to make water for drinking.


Perilla contains essential oils, flavonoids, and organic acids that are beneficial to health. This type of herb has a spicy taste, warm nature, and has the effect of dispelling wind cold, relieving oppression, expectorating phlegm, and preventing miscarriage. They are used to treat external symptoms of wind cold, vomiting, and threatened abortion.

Some remedies from perilla leaves:

– Herbal remedy for flu, fever, headache, pain in the joints: Perilla leaves, tien ho, fennel, baihui, moxiang, licorice, solanum nigrum, chixiaodou, peel of melaphis chinensis, ginseng, 2g each, 600ml of water. Keep 200ml of the extract to drink 3 times a day.

– Perilla fruits: Reduce difficulty in breathing and reduce cough, expectorate phlegm, relax the intestine. Treatment of cough and difficulty in breathing due to stagnant sputum, constipation. Use 3 – 10g.

– Reduce functional disorders of the stomach, reduce pain, prevent miscarriage. Use perilla branches 5-10g to help regulate air circulation.

– Treat cough, flu, protect the digestive tract, reduce pain, detoxify, use perilla 5-10g in liquid form. You can also add perilla to hot porridge to alleviate cold symptoms.