Discover the Significance of White, Red and Black Roses on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air in Vietnam, with young people embracing Valentine's Day on February 14th as well as two alternate celebrations, White Valentine's Day on March 14th and Black Valentine's Day on April 14th. Dien May XANH take a look at what the meaning of all of these occasions are.


2 Understanding the Significance of Red on Valentine’s Day February 14

According to legend, Valentine was a priest during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II. During this time, Rome was engaged in numerous violent and unpopular military campaigns. Concerned that marriage would undermine the strength and focus of young men, King Claudius II enacted a ban on weddings and engagements.

Hoa hồng đỏ và Sô cô la cho ngày Valentine Đỏ

Valentine was a dedicated priest who defied an absurd ban, persistently arranging weddings for couples deeply in love, albeit in secrecy. Unfortunately, his actions were discovered leading to his arrest and eventual death sentence by dragging and stoning on the streets on February 14th, 273.

Valentine has come to be regarded as the patron saint of love, and as such, February 14th is celebrated annually as Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, is a cherished occasion for couples to express their love and affection. This romantic holiday is marked by the exchange of traditional gifts such as Valentine’s cards, roses, chocolates, and other thoughtful presents.

What Is the Significance of White Valentine’s Day on March 14?

White Valentine, also known as White Day, has its origins in Japan. On Red Valentine’s Day, girls in Japan give chocolates to boys, often homemade ones, as a way to express their love. In return, one month later, on March 14, boys give the girls a gift, typically white chocolates or marshmallows, as a response.

Valentine Trắng lời đáp trả của các chàng trai

In 1965, a memorable event occurred. A young girl mustered up the courage to express her love to a gentleman who happened to be selling marshmallows on February 14th. Touched by her boldness, the young man reciprocated her affection by crafting a delightful, snow-white candy for her exactly one month later. This heartwarming exchange gave birth to the tradition of White Valentine’s Day, which is now celebrated on March 14th.

Sô cô la trắng là món quà truyền thống ngày White Day

In 1978, the National Confectionery Industry Association introduced White Valentine’s Day in Japan, which has since gained global popularity. This special day continues to be celebrated annually.

Exploring the Significance of Black Valentine’s Day on April 14

It is often seen as unfair that couples celebrate anniversaries while individuals do not. As a result, Black Valentine’s Day, taking place on April 14th, was created to address this imbalance.

Valentine đen cho những người độc thân

The Black Valentine celebration, also known as Black Valentine, has its origins in Korea. On this special day, individuals who are single or choose to embrace celibacy come together to enjoy themselves and partake in delightful food and drinks.

In their timeless style, they don black attire, indulging in the consumption of authentic black soy sauce noodles, symbolizing their heartfelt desire for companionship. This tradition simultaneously serves as a spirited declaration that single life can indeed be brimming with joy and contentment.

ăn mì tương đen nhân dịp Valentine Đen

We hope that the article above has provided you with the origin and significance of Valentine’s Day. We wish you a joyful Valentine’s season with your loved one, and hope that those who are single may soon find their perfect match.

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