Uncovering Fascinating Insights in the Book “Useful Tips for Women”

This handbook is designed to make cooking easier for women, allowing them to save time and better enjoy life with their family and friends.


The Handy Tips for Ladies contest has recently concluded, and the organizers are grateful for the opportunity to support and accompany all the participants throughout the contest. To celebrate this special occasion, readers will receive a complimentary ebook that compiles 100 practical and useful tips submitted by the contestants themselves.


With four different categories of tips, including laundry tips, kitchen tips, cooking tips, and tips for the Lunar New Year, the exclusive sponsor of the Sharp contest has also provided readers with a series of additional handy tips.


The ebook consists of five separate parts, each containing 100 interesting and informative tips. The laundry tips cover everything from washing baby clothes correctly to keeping fabric shoes clean and preventing jeans from fading. These are common concerns that many sisters face on a daily basis.


For cooking enthusiasts, there are 28 handy tips to enhance the taste of dishes, ranging from grilling chicken to perfection to cooking delicious and nutritious rice.

Mẹo nấu ăn ngon

The Lunar New Year section offers 15 handy tips to help you prepare for the festive season with less stress and more time to take care of yourself.


Last but not least, there are 20 handy kitchen tips that reveal interesting secrets you may not have expected.

We hope that this guidebook will make cooking easier for women, allowing them to save more time for their families and themselves.

Taking care of your family and yourself is always a top priority for all women. Understanding this, aFamily.vn, in collaboration with the Sharp brand, has organized the “Handy Tips for Ladies” contest. The contest aims to help women save time in their housework and prioritize their responsibilities.

By joining the contest, you will have the opportunity to receive attractive and surprising gifts sponsored by the Sharp brand.

Join us and share your handy tips at //afamily.vn/meo-hay-cho-nang.htm