Humans have many emotions that are sometimes expressed outwardly or felt from within, but if you often find it difficult to be intimate with someone through kisses or hugs, then you may be demisexual. Let’s find out what demisexuality is and the signs of demisexual attraction!

1 What is Demisexuality?

What is Demisexuality?What is Demisexuality?

Demisexuality, also known as demisexual, refers to individuals who tend to feel sexual attraction after a period of getting to know and forming an emotional bond with someone, this emotional bond doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, it can also be friendship.

These individuals won’t experience a sexual attraction towards others without a strong emotional connection. Demisexuality can occur in any gender, including cisgender, transgender, and nonbinary, appearing in any gender.

2 Signs of Demisexual Attraction

Signs of Demisexual AttractionSigns of Demisexual Attraction

Demisexual individuals don’t feel sexually attracted to strangers or new acquaintances. In other words, they don’t have a tendency to be attracted to and have intense feelings for strangers or people they randomly meet, even if the person has a beautiful or sexy appearance or an interesting personality can’t move them.

Demisexual individuals usually take a long time to get to know someone and only experience sexual feelings when they have become familiar and truly intimate. For demisexuals, the level of emotional connection will determine whether they find someone attractive or not.

Demisexuals don’t typically have immediate interest in physical relationships, sex is not too important, especially when they are single. These individuals don’t think much about having a sexual relationship with someone they don’t have a connection with, they don’t like flirting with others, and they are not interested in one-night stands.

3 Misconceptions about Demisexual Attraction

Demisexuals are not overly fearful and devoid of physical feelings, they simply don’t feel sexually attracted to strangers and acquaintances. These individuals are not related to religious sexual issues, but rather a sexual orientation.

People often mistake demisexuals as individuals with low sexual desire, but in romantic relationships, they will have different levels of desire. These individuals are only attracted to someone based on their own standards, not everyone, the other person must have a connection and a certain level of familiarity.

Misconceptions about Demisexual AttractionMisconceptions about Demisexual Attraction

Usually, if you choose to only have sexual relationships with people you have known for a long time or have an intimate relationship with, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are demisexual, as this is quite normal. In conclusion, demisexuals only feel sexually attracted to someone they have an emotional relationship or understanding of.

So, we have explored what demisexuality is and the signs of demisexual attraction! We hope that this article provides you with useful information.