How to Fix a Washing Machine That Is Not Spinning?

Have you ever had your washing come out of the machine still wet despite it showing the cycle is finished? Are you frustrated trying to figure out why the washing machine is not spinning? Read on to find out the cause and easy ways to resolve the issue.


“Clogging in Water Inlet Pipe Causes Issues for Residents”

Typically, the washing machine initiates a pre-wash phase by cleaning the clothes in the initial batch of washing water. This is followed by the machine’s continued water pumping process to complete the entire washing cycle. In the event that there is a lack of water input, the machine will automatically halt at the pre-wash step and abstain from spinning the clothes.

Đường ống dẫn nước đầu vào bị tắc nghẽn

To resolve the issue, it is recommended to inspect the pipe and water supply valve for any blockages. Additionally, it is important to clean the filter element at the water supply head if excessive dirt is detected.

Inspections of Exhaust Pipes and Valves Obstructed

If either the drain hose or drain valve is blocked, water will be trapped inside the drum, preventing the machine from spinning clothes. These components serve as outlets for water to escape from the drum.

Tắc nghẽn ở ống xả, van xả

How to resolve the issue:

First, it is important to check if the exhaust pipe has been removed or if it is bent or stuck. If no issues are found with the exhaust pipe, it is recommended to promptly seek assistance from a service and repair center for prompt support and resolution of the problem.

Warning: Do Not Close the Washing Machine Door Cover

One common mistake that can prevent a washing machine from spinning is failing to properly close the door. It is important to note that manufacturers have included a safety feature to protect users, especially those with young children. This feature ensures that the machine will only operate if the door is securely closed.

How to Address the Issue: After completing your laundry preparations, be sure to double-check that the washing machine door is securely closed.

Không đóng kín cửa (nắp) máy giặt

Factory Inspection Uncovers Broken Belt and Motor

If you own a belt-driven washing machine, it’s important to note that over time, the belt may stretch or even slip out of the motor, which can potentially lead to the machine being unable to spin or squeeze properly. However, you don’t have to worry as there is a simple solution. You can easily replace the belt by following the instructions provided. Simply follow the step-by-step guidelines to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of your washing machine.

Dây đai động cơ bị hỏng

If you are experiencing issues with your direct-drive washing machine, it is possible that there is motor damage. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the warranty and repair center for an inspection of the internal components. It is essential to prioritize your safety during this process.

Fixing the Faulty Washing Machine Program

Caution: Rare Occurrence

This is a rare occurrence that may happen due to a manufacturer error or accidental placement of magnetic devices, such as magnets or phones, on the control panel. This is commonly observed in top-loading washing machines where the program memory is located. The presence of these devices can cause the program to crash.

Steps for resolving the issue:

Please contact the warranty and customer care center immediately for assistance in restoring the program.

Chương trình máy giặt bị lỗi

Store Putting Clothes Out of Proportion

Improper placement or overloading of clothes can prevent a washing machine from spinning effectively. Each washing machine has a specific load capacity, but users often disregard this and overload the machine or place the clothes unevenly, causing the washing tub to fail in completing the spin process.

Quần áo cần đặt cân đối

How to Fix: To prevent clothes from getting tangled and causing your washing machine to clog, it’s important for users to be mindful of the clothes’ volume and balance when loading them into the machine.

IBM Supercomputer Experiences Unstable Installation Position

The washing machine fails to spin due to its uneven positioning. Tilting the machine not only prevents it from spinning, but also results in loud operational noises.

Lắp đặt máy giặt ở vị trí bằng phẳng

To rectify the issue, please ensure that the washing machine is properly positioned. If the device is not on a level surface, kindly relocate it to a suitable location. Furthermore, an unbalanced washing machine may result from rust formation on its base. In this case, welding the affected area is advised to restore balance to the machine.

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