How to Prevent and Fix Washing Machine Problems: 16 Common Mistakes and Solutions

Do you want to make laundry faster and easier in your household? Don't worry, Dien May Xanh is here to help! Discover 16 of the most frequent washing machine errors and how to fix them so you can enjoy the laundry hassle-free!


“Investigating Unusual Noises Coming From Washing Machine”


  • It is possible that your washing machine may have damaged components, such as shock absorbers, core parts, and bearings that are broken or damaged. Another potential issue could be that the amount of water supplied to the washing machine is insufficient.
  • Due to the user’s carelessness during the operation of the washing machine, such issues may arise as placing the machine on an uneven surface, objects getting lodged in the drum due to falling from the clothes, overloading the machine with too many items, or causing deviation of the washing tub by being cornered to one side.

Máy giặt có thể bị quá tải nếu bạn cho vào quá nhiều đồ

Ensure not to overload the washing machine with an excessive amount of items.

Methods for resolving the issue:

  • Please ensure that the washing machine is properly positioned before proceeding. Inspect the washing machine drum for any overcrowding, entangled clothing, or obstructions. If any issues are found, kindly rearrange the clothes and remove any items causing jamming before proceeding.
  • To ensure optimal functioning and minimize disruptions, it is important to maintain an adequate water supply for the washing machine. This will help prevent the occurrence of friction between the clothes and minimize noise.
  • If the above measures do not work, then it is possible that your washing machine component is experiencing issues, particularly with a faulty bearing or shock absorber spring. We recommend reaching out to the service center or a professional repair center for further assistance.

Drain Hose Retains Water, Defies Overflow Mode

Cause: The user failed to correctly follow the instructions for use, thereby setting the water level and pressure below the standard parameters.

How to Fix: Adjust the water level and pressure to achieve a standard water supply rate of 15 liters per minute.

Tùy chỉnh lại mức nước cho máy giặt

Resolve the issue of water not flowing out of the drain hose by adjusting the water level and pressure.

The Washing Machine Fails to Automatically Shutdown After Completing Cycle

Possible Cause: A malfunctioning power button is often the cause of this issue.

Resolution: For assistance with fixing the issue, it is recommended to contact the service center for technical support.

Woman Creates New Machine to Reduce Washing Time

Cause: This issue can occur due to improper connection, blockage, or deformation of the exhaust pipe. It may also be caused by external factors leading to distortion.

Solution: Please ensure that the washing machine is turned off and carefully inspect the drain hose for any potential issues.

Kiểm tra ống xả nước cẩn thận

Please inspect the drain hose thoroughly after shutting down the machine.

“Troubleshooting: Why Your Washing Machine Isn’t Filling With Water”

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  • Errors are typically caused by malfunctioning components in the machine, such as the water pressure sensor switch or the control panel board.
  • The inlet valve filter is dirty.
  • The user may have neglected to open the water supply valve or failed to take into account the sufficient water and pressure required to operate the washing machine.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  • Please ensure that the water supply is operating properly. Check if the water supply faucet is open and if the metal mesh inside the water inlet pipe is free of any obstructions. Take prompt action to address any issues that may arise.
  • If the aforementioned solutions prove ineffective, it is advised to engage the services of a professional repair technician to thoroughly inspect and conduct necessary repairs on any damaged components.

Lưới lọc van cấp bị bám bẩn là nguyên nhân khiến máy giặt không vào nước

The supply valve filter is dirty, causing the washing machine to not receive water.

Troubleshooting a Washing Machine that Doesn’t Spin


There are several possible reasons for this issue, including:

  • The drain hose, drain valve, and water inlet pipe are all experiencing blockages.
  • Please ensure that the washing machine is installed in an appropriate position and that the door is securely closed.
  • The placement of the clothes is unbalanced.
  • Unfortunately, the belt and motor of the device are currently non-functional.
  • The washing machine program is currently experiencing a malfunction.

Steps to fix the issue:

  • Please ensure that the lid of the washing machine is securely closed and that the positioning of the machine is appropriate.
  • Please ensure that the laundry in the drum is balanced.
  • Please ensure that the drain hose and drain valve are not blocked.
  • If the washing machine does not spin even after trying the above solutions, it is likely that the belt, machine motor, or the washing program is defective. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional repair technician to resolve the issue for you.

Máy giặt không vắt khiến quần áo vẫn còn nguyên nước

The washing machine is not spinning, causing the clothes to remain wet.

“Inactive Washing Machine Despite Being Plugged In”

Cause: The error could be attributed to a weak power supply with inadequate voltage or due to the failure to press both the power and start buttons correctly.

Solution: It is recommended to first check the power switch (POWER) and the start button (START/PAUSE) to ensure they have been pressed. Additionally, inspect the wires and confirm that the power source is functioning properly.

Effectively Cleaning the Washing Machine

Cause: The issue may be caused by an imbalance between the amount of water and the amount of clothes being used, or insufficient cleaning of the drum. This can negatively impact the cleanliness of the clothes. Additionally, overloading the machine with too many clothes can also hinder its cleaning performance.

How to fix: To improve the washing efficiency of the machine, carefully adjust, observe, and clean the machine box and washing tub.

“Clothes Are Still Containing Residual Washing Powder”

Cause: Excess detergent residue on clothes or low water temperature could be the reason for the issue.

Solution: To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to use an appropriate amount of washing powder and set the temperature above 40 degrees Celsius for complete detergent dissolution.

Vụn bột giặt bám trên áo do dùng quá nhiều lượng cần thiết

Excessive use of detergent causing residue on clothing

Weakness in Water Pumping for Washing Machines

Cause: The water pressure supplied to the washing machine is insufficient.

Steps to Resolve:

  • Please ensure that the washing machine is placed in an area with adequate water pressure.
  • To enhance the performance of your washing machine, you can either pour water directly into it or utilize a booster pump.

“Continuous Draining of Water from a Washing Machine without Halt”

Cause: The drain valve of the washing machine is stuck due to foreign objects that have entered the machine along with the clothes.


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To fix this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies
  2. Disable any browser extensions or plugins that may be causing conflicts
  3. Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable
  4. Try accessing the page from a different device or browser
  5. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, consider contacting the website administrator for further assistance
  • If there is a light water leakage:

    Please wash the machine as per usual. Over time, any foreign objects will be automatically cleared along the water line, resulting in the washing machine returning to its normal operation.

  • If you are experiencing more severe leaks, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist at a service center for timely repairs.

Hãy gọi nhân viên bảo hành khi nước rò rỉ ở mức nặng hơn

Please contact our service personnel for assistance in the event of a substantial water leak.

Update: Mystery Solved- Cause of Sudden Water Supply During Washing Machine Rinsing Cycle Identified

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  • The water supply to the washing machine is insufficient. Please ensure that the correct amount of water is being provided.

  • Please add additional items to the machine.

Here’s how to fix the issue:

Ensure that you carefully regulate the amount of water you provide your washing machine with. Additionally, it is recommended to divide your laundry into smaller batches, reducing any interference during the washing process.

The Possible Culprit Behind a Non-Functioning Washing Machine


  • The issue can be attributed to several common errors during usage, including drum misalignment, an improperly closed washing machine lid, or overloading the machine with an excessive amount of clothes.
  • Please ensure that the washing machine is provided with an adequate water supply.
  • The lid of the washing machine is open.
  • There may be instances of a broken belt or failure of various components, control circuits, and touch systems.

Máy giặt sẽ không chạy nếu dây curoa bị đứt

The washing machine will not function if the belt is damaged

To resolve the issue, please follow the instructions below.

  • To troubleshoot a washing machine that is not turning on, it is important to thoroughly inspect a few key components. Firstly, check if the power is connected and turned on. Ensure that the power cord is securely plugged in. Next, verify if the drum is properly arranged and not overloaded. Additionally, confirm if the detergent drawer and washing machine lid are tightly closed. Finally, assess if water is being pumped in efficiently. By carefully examining these factors, you can effectively diagnose and address the issue at hand.
  • If the washing machine fails to operate even after performing the aforementioned steps, it is likely that the components and control system of the appliance are malfunctioning. It is advised to seek assistance from qualified mechanics for proper intervention.

Chưa đóng nắp máy giặt khiến máy không chạy

Please refrain from leaving the lid of the washing machine open, as it may prevent the machine from running properly

How To Fix A Washing Machine Not Draining Water


  • If there is a clogged drain hose, it may cause the lint filter to become clogged with excessive residue or the washing machine lid to not close tightly.
  • It is not uncommon for washing machines to experience drainage issues due to various factors. Among these, component errors such as broken belts can also be a common cause.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  • To ensure proper operation, please follow these steps:
    1. Clean the lint filter, if necessary.
    2. Check the drain hose for any kinks or blockages.
    3. Ensure the washer lid is tightly closed, if it is open.
  • If the ball machine belt becomes damaged, there are two options for addressing the issue. You can either replace the belt yourself or contact a professional service or repair center for more comprehensive assistance and support.

Troubleshooting a Faulty Washing Machine: The Start Button Doesn’t Work

Cause: The machine can become contaminated with moisture or water due to unstable power supply, faulty machine components, closed or damaged door lock, disabled control panel, or error during use.

Chức năng khóa trẻ em làm vô hiệu hóa bảng điều khiển, khiến bạn không thể bấm nút Start

The child lock function disables the control panel, preventing users from pressing the Start button

Steps to resolve the issue:

  • Always ensure that the power supply to the machine remains stable.
  • Please check if the child lock function is enabled, and if it is, disable it.
  • Please take note to restrict the contact with the control panel area to only include moisture and water contamination. In the event that it becomes wet, it is advised to utilize a hair dryer on a low heat setting to gradually dry the control panel area. Additionally, it is recommended to relocate the washing machine to a dry environment with low humidity.
  • If the washing machine door does not close tightly, attempt to open and close it. If the machine still cannot press the Start button, it is possible that the door lock is damaged. We recommend contacting a professional washing machine repair or service center for assistance.

16 – Foaming Washing Machine Alert

Cause: Foaming can occur in washing machines due to a few reasons. One of the primary causes is the use of an excessive amount of detergent in a single load. This causes the machine to produce excessive foam. Another cause is the use of a regular detergent instead of a specialized detergent that is designed for washing machines. Utilizing a detergent specifically formulated for washing machines can help prevent this problem from occurring.

Máy giặt bị trào bọt

The washing machine is producing excessive foam

Problem Solution: If you find yourself dealing with a foam overflow situation, it’s important to remain calm and follow these step-by-step instructions to fix the issue:

  • Please turn off the machine and allow the soap to dissolve completely. After that, turn the machine back on and choose the no-spin wash mode. Once the machine stops, kindly press the rinse button to ensure thorough water cleansing. Remember to remove all clothing items and repeat the cycle if necessary.
  • For optimal results, it is recommended to utilize washing powder or detergent that is designed specifically for washing machines.
  • Please ensure to use the appropriate amount of detergent.
  • Regularly clean the washing machine.

Below are 16 common errors in washing machines and their solutions. If you have any questions or would like to share anything, please leave a comment in the section below. We will respond promptly to provide the fastest assistance!

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