How to Clean an Air Fryer in One Go with Common Household Ingredients

The air fryer is easy to use but difficult to clean. So, check out the simple method below to clean the air fryer if you want to eliminate laziness every time you want to use this device!


Air fryer is a countertop convection oven that can cook anything with the help of high-powered fans for even heat circulation.

Therefore, air fryers quickly become a favorite kitchen appliance for many women. However, the process of cleaning the air fryer is not as simple as its function. Luckily, you can clean it thoroughly with just a few extremely simple steps according to the suggestion of Ms. Pham Thi Giang Sinh (currently living in Ho Chi Minh City). Let’s refer to it right now!

How to clean the air fryer

No matter how dirty your air fryer basket is, follow these simple steps to deep clean it like brand new.

What you need to prepare:

– Sponge

– Soft-bristle cloth

– Dishwashing liquid

– Coffee grounds

– Trash bag for smart sink

* The procedure:

Ms. Giang Sinh said that after using it to process the dishes, you should soak the air fryer in water for about 1 hour. When washing, just add coffee grounds to the air fryer and wash it with a sponge, combined with dishwashing liquid.

After washing, remember to use a soft-bristle cloth to wipe it clean.

“Coffee grounds provide both friction and fragrance without the fear of scratching! Washing together with dishwashing liquid ensures everyone can see how clean it is and there is no feeling of excessive oil. It’s really enjoyable. If anyone in our house loves coffee, try using it to see if it’s useful,” Ms. Giang Sinh said.

The air fryer looks clean and completely free of greasiness after being cleaned.

Ms. Giang Sinh also added that if you are afraid of clogging sink, you can use an additional filter bag or remove the coffee grounds before pouring it down the drain!

“Since I discovered this washing method, I have been making my own self-made milk coffee! Not only saving costs because I don’t have to buy coffee from outside, but it can also be used to clean the air fryer. Extremely convenient,” Ms. Giang Sinh said.

Smart sink trash bag recommended by Ms. Giang Sinh to avoid sink clogging.


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