White or Green Stem Bok Choy: Which One to Buy?

Many people wonder whether it is better to buy green or white cabbage. Cabbage is a type of vegetable that is rich in fiber and vitamins, making it beneficial for health. However, the question remains as to which variety is superior.


Whenever we go to the market, we often see many types of mustard greens, some with white leaves and some with green leaves. So which color should we choose? The following characteristics will help you choose the most suitable type of mustard greens.

Growth time

Although they are both mustard greens, these two types have different growth times. White mustard greens are usually sold earlier in the season than green mustard greens. Compared to white mustard greens, green mustard greens take a slightly longer time to mature, so they are sold later.

Different fiber content

In terms of fiber content, it has been shown that green mustard greens have a higher fiber content than white mustard greens. Therefore, when cooked, white mustard greens tend to be soft and sweeter, while green mustard greens are harder due to the fiber inside. However, due to its high fiber content, green mustard greens are very good for digestion and absorption in the body.

Should you choose white stalks or green stalks when buying mustard greens?

Differences in taste

Although they are both mustard greens, they have different tastes. The taste of white mustard greens and green mustard greens is different due to their different water content. White mustard greens contain more water but a small amount of rough fiber, so they have a softer taste. There are many ways to cook this mustard green dish, such as stir-frying, pickling, and salted vegetables… In short, it is more delicious to eat.

Mustard greens with green leaves mixed with white leaves contain less water and more rough fibers, so they are firmer. They are often used to cook soup or stew with bones.

Storage time

Due to the different fiber content of both types of mustard greens, the water content inside them also differs, resulting in different storage times. White mustard greens with high water content will quickly spoil and become soft, and should only be used within about 10 days.

As for green mustard greens, they have less water content, so they can be stored longer, up to 4-5 months. Therefore, if you want to use them for a longer time, you should consider using green mustard greens.

People who should not eat mustard greens

Mustard greens are cheap and high in nutrients, making them a familiar food in every kitchen. In addition, mustard greens have many health benefits such as preventing cardiovascular disorders, good for the brain, reducing premenstrual symptoms, treating common colds, strengthening bones and teeth, and preventing asthma.

Although they bring many health benefits, there are still people who are advised not to eat this type of greens:

People with digestive problems

Mustard greens have a cold nature, so if people with a cold constitution eat a lot, it will cause abdominal coldness and diarrhea. People with poor digestion will also have difficulty digesting the large amount of rough fiber in mustard greens if they eat a lot.

People with constipation

For people who are currently constipated and urinate less, eating raw mustard greens, salted mustard greens, or kimchi made from them will make the constipation condition more serious. If you want to eat mustard greens, you can cook them into stir-fries or soups, which will be easier to digest.

People who should not eat mustard greens

People with stomach pain

When eating raw mustard greens or sour mustard greens, it is easy to cause bloating and make stomach pain worse. Therefore, people with stomach pain should not eat them raw, but should cook mustard greens before eating for the sake of health and to avoid bloating.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women or those with acid reflux, poor digestion, or allergies should not eat a lot of mustard greens. Eating a lot of mustard greens will cause difficult digestion, allergies, and frequent and more serious reflux, which is not good for their own health and the health of the fetus. Only eat a moderate amount and cook mustard greens until well-done. If there are signs of difficult digestion, allergies, or reflux, stop eating immediately and see a doctor if the condition is serious.

Things to note when eating mustard greens

Some people may feel that the core of mustard greens is wrapped in many layers of leaves, so they will be very clean and do not need to be washed. In fact, it takes 2 to 3 months for mustard greens to develop into the core, during this period, they need to be fertilized multiple times and protected from insects and diseases. In addition, pollution has existed in the leaves for a long time. Therefore, they need to be washed before eating.

Everyone should also avoid eating rotten mustard greens, mustard greens that have been stored for too long, cooked too well, or boiled multiple times. In these 4 cases, mustard greens will contain nitrite, nitrite, which, when combined with hemoglobin, forms methemoglobin, causing oxygen deficiency in the body, and symptoms of poisoning, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, and numbness. In this case, you should go to the hospital for immediate treatment to ensure the safety of your life.

When cooking mustard greens, do not simmer them for too long, the best time is 20-30 seconds, otherwise, they will become soft and dull, not delicious, and at the same time, they will lose a lot of nutrients.

Mustard greens are not suitable for squeezing out the water because this will cause the loss of many nutrients.

Mustard greens are also not suitable for cooking or serving in copper utensils. Copper utensils will destroy the ascorbic acid in them and reduce the nutritional content.

Source: vtc.vn