Pocket these tips to avoid car tire blowouts in hot weather

During the summer, when the overall temperature and the road surface in particular are consistently high, cars are prone to issues such as tire blowouts and punctures. So, what should drivers do to ensure tire safety in the scorching summer days?


Tires are an extremely important component, they bear a lot of pressure from the weight of the car and directly contact the road surface. When the car is running, tire problems often occur unexpectedly and difficult to predict, especially in the summer, when the air temperature and road surface increase.

These issues can directly affect the safety of passengers in the car and those around them. In fact, many serious traffic accidents have occurred recently due to car tires, which can be worn out, cracked tires leading to tire blowouts.

A serious traffic accident occurred on National Highway 10 in An Duong District, Hai Phong City, killing 2 people on May 2, the cause was said to be a car tire blowout leading to loss of control. (Photo: Page Hai Phong)

In an exchange with VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thi – Owner of Thi Tire Car Tire Chain in Hanoi, said that car tires, like many other parts, need to be checked and cared for, especially in the hot season. Regular tire care will minimize tire breakdowns and make driving safer.

According to this expert, in the summer with high temperatures, there are 3 very important notes that car owners need to pay special attention to in order to minimize risks on the road as follows:

First, inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s standard

When the weather is hot, the road surface temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius, the temperature rises, causing the tire air pressure to increase, this makes the pressure of the tires much higher than normal, the risk of tire blowouts is high.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly pump the car tires to the standard pressure set by the manufacturer. The standard pressure specifications are recorded on the tire or on the car door and are measured under standard conditions (about 20-21 degrees Celsius).

If the pressure is too high, it will cause the tire to be round, the middle part of the tire mainly contacts the road surface, causing this part to wear out more, and at the same time, increasing the risk of tire blowouts when it is sunny and under heavy load.

Also, do not let the tire be too flat. When the tire is too flat, the air will increase the contact surface, making it more friction, and the tire will heat up quickly when driving at high speed, increasing the risk of blowouts. In addition, having a tire pressure sensor on the car will help to control the tire pressure on the road optimally, detect and intervene promptly when one or more tires have signs of abnormally increasing pressure.

Tires need to be checked and carefully cared for in the summer. (Photo: Hoang Hiep)

Second, check the tire for cracks and excessive wear

If any of the tires show signs of damage such as peeling, cracking, high rubber surface cracks, deep damage from stones, worn tire treads,… do not hesitate to replace new tires for the car to make the journey safer. Normally, after traveling about 40,000 – 50,000km or being used for 5-6 years, car owners should replace new car tires.

However, if the car has to travel regularly in harsh weather conditions such as rough terrain, hot sunshine, car owners can rely on the actual condition of the tires to actively replace them sooner. In addition, regularly rotate the tires to avoid uneven wear.

Third, maintain a reasonable speed, do not carry too much weight

As the speed increases, the tire temperature increases due to the friction between the tire and the road. Therefore, experts advise that while the weather is sunny, you should not drive too fast, especially when turning and in bad road conditions.

In fact, when the car is running at high speed, cornering can cause the tire to be strongly bent, making the tire not only bear heavy load but also endure lateral tearing force, increasing the risk of tire blowouts.

In addition, in hot weather, do not carry too much weight, this increases the pressure on the tires. Therefore, in the summer, you should remove unnecessary items, reduce overload.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thi is checking and caring for car tires for customers.

In addition to the above 3 “tips,” Mr. Nguyen Duc Thi also gives some advice to car owners when driving long distances under the hot sun, they should arrange for reasonable rest. Rest time not only helps drivers regain alertness, but also helps all parts of the car, including the tires, to cool down, thereby operating more smoothly and safely.

Before each trip, car owners should check and ensure that the spare tire is still in good working condition and has enough pressure. You should equip an electric pump on the car to supply air as needed, and at the same time, practice tire disassembly to handle immediately when your car tire unfortunately bursts or deflates.

According to Vietnamnet