What to do when your phone’s battery is swollen?

Many phone users experience disruption in their usage due to swollen phone batteries. This issue often arises from improper phone usage.


Batteries are not a perpetual source of energy, and after a certain period of use, they can swell up at any time. However, swelling can occur at different levels.

At a mild level, the charging time is quick, but the battery also drains quickly during use. The phone may also become hot or frequently shut down unexpectedly. At a more severe level, the battery will swell, causing the phone to become deformed. To avoid this from happening and damaging the device, you can learn how to check if the phone battery is still good and test its life.

What to do when the phone battery swells? (Illustration photo)

Reasons why phone batteries swell

There are several reasons that can cause a phone battery to swell. If you encounter any of the following issues, it is important to address them immediately to protect your phone:

– The charging current is high, causing the battery temperature to frequently reach 35 degrees Celsius (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit), which can easily damage the battery. Some devices are well-insulated, making it difficult for the heat to dissipate, leading to battery damage and swelling.

– Using the phone for extended periods of time until it shuts down. When the battery’s energy drops below 10%, chemical reactions occur. These reactions gradually deplete the battery’s energy, which in turn causes the battery to become swollen and reduces its lifespan.

– Overcharging the battery can also cause it to swell.

Is a swollen phone battery dangerous?

A swollen phone battery is one of the biggest safety hazards for users. At this stage, the battery tends to overheat, reducing its lifespan. The battery cells may release a mixture of gases and electricity, which could potentially cause a fire or explosion.

In addition, if the battery swells, it can deform the phone. The screen and the body of the phone may come apart and no longer be connected. This can also pose an electric shock hazard to the user.

What to do when the phone battery swells?

Stop charging or using the phone

Absolutely do not continue using the device if you notice that the battery has swollen. Disconnect the phone from all power sources, and it is best to turn off the phone.

Replace the battery

To ensure your safety, you can take the battery to reputable phone repair centers. Use genuine batteries for replacement to ensure safe and efficient usage.

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