Stunning Poses for Beautifully Capturing Vietnamese Traditional Dress

"Posing for photos in áo dài will give you incredibly beautiful pictures that capture the traditional essence of Vietnamese women while showcasing the graceful curves of your body. This article will guide you on how to strike elegant poses in your áo dài for various special occasions!"


This article will guide you on how to pose with an elegant Vietnamese traditional dress, áo dài, for special occasions!

Guide to posing in a beautiful and professional white áo dài

Pose with a white áo dài is something every Vietnamese girl desires to showcase the delicacy and purity of their youth. Here are some pose ideas for white áo dài that will make you look even more charming.

Standing Poses for White Áo Dài

White áo dài has long been associated with the image of young, vibrant, and pure Vietnamese girls. It is a basic and versatile color for áo dài that many people choose. You can add some accessories like flowers, conical hats, books… Here are some basic standing poses for white áo dài that you can “keep in your pocket”.

Stand up straight, or gently place your hand on your belly and smile brightly.

Slightly tilt your body, tilt your face up, and shade the sun with one hand.

Sitting Poses for White Áo Dài

This is also a popular pose for áo dài, and with this pose, you should choose a space with many objects, a place to sit to confidently create the most suitable and beautiful photos.

Sitting poses for áo dài can also give you beautiful and versatile photos for different spaces. You can choose your most beautiful angle, sit up straight reading a book, or sit down on the grass, let the two edges of the áo dài fall straight, tilt your head and smile gently.

Close-Up Poses for White Áo Dài

Taking close-up photos while wearing áo dài will showcase the beautiful features on your face and hide some imperfections on your body. You can combine a natural facial expression with some simple hand movements: brush your hair back behind your ears, cover your smile, release a balloon, slightly bow your head while looking at a flower…

Guide to Posing in Áo Dài for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the time when you can wear vibrant áo dài to take photos or send greetings. Combining áo dài with peach blossoms, cherry blossoms will create an impressive and traditional beauty for you.

Pose with áo dài next to various flowers will enhance the vibrancy and freshness as spring arrives. Each flower represents a unique meaning and beauty that adds a special color to your photos. With a fresh spring background, you just need to pose naturally to capture heartwarming photos.

Alternatively, you can take Lunar New Year áo dài photos with friends and family. Two people or a group of friends wearing áo dài, holding hands, walking on the street or posing with flowers. Or, you can choose flower markets to have the most natural setting.

Posing in Áo Dài for Graduation/Celebration Photos

Áo dài is a part that creates the memories of a pure and innocent school time. This is a costume that many students choose for special occasions such as graduation photos, graduation ceremonies… to keep beautiful memories.

Posing with a Group in Áo Dài

Taking photos with close friends on graduation day is always the most desirable moment to capture. Create a relaxed atmosphere to preserve the purity of your school and college years!

Posing with Áo Dài Alone

Posing with áo dài alone has some simple poses that are easy to do, such as: standing up straight, holding flowers in front of your belly and smiling brightly, or you can even let the bouquet fall behind your back…

Posing in Áo Dài for Wedding Photos

From ancient times until now, áo dài has always been the traditional costume that brides choose to wear on their special day. Áo dài adds sophistication and exudes the traditional charm of women. To capture beautiful photos to commemorate this special moment, save these áo dài posing ideas below!


Above are some basic áo dài posing ideas that will bring amazing results to your photos. Wishing you beautiful photos with áo dài!

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