The plant that the wealthy are racing to grow, satisfies all 5 elements, brings in tremendous prosperity

Affluent families often gravitate towards this type of tree as it is believed to attract wealth and bring added warmth and happiness to their homes.


A special type of ornamental tree that many noble families choose not only for its ability to attract wealth but also for its diverse value as a medicinal plant, tea processing ingredient, alcohol, or premium spice.

In the past, agarwood was considered a rare and difficult-to-propagate tree species. Agarwood, also known as benzoin, is not only an ornamental plant but also the origin of a precious aromatic flower used in tea processing, alcohol, and as a spice for cakes. Agarwood is popular in many areas, including Vietnam, China, the Himalayan region, and several other countries.

When grown in suitable soil, agarwood can reach a tall height, with wide and fragrant foliage that can be smelled from hundreds of miles away. Therefore, since ancient times, agarwood has been considered a symbol of good luck and nobility, representing the wealth and fragrance of the owner.

Meaning of Agarwood

According to Feng Shui beliefs, agarwood not only brings luck and fortune but also supports homeowners in business development and building their reputation. Planting agarwood in front of the house is considered a measure to bring abundant blessings, filial children, family traditions, and wealth through generations.

Especially, the fragrance of agarwood flowers not only makes the air fresh but also has the ability to repel negative energy, creating an elegant and graceful space for homeowners. Because of this reason, the tradition of planting agarwood in front of the house has been highly regarded, bringing luck and positive energy to the family.

In Feng Shui, agarwood not only brings luck and fortune but also helps homeowners prosper and build their reputation. When choosing Feng Shui plants, many people are concerned about whether the plant is compatible or not. Agarwood is considered a tree with the ability to harmonize all five elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, especially the best for those with a Metal destiny. Because of this characteristic, anyone can plant agarwood and benefit from it.

Health benefits make agarwood precious like gold

The effect of agarwood on health makes it as precious as gold. Agarwood flowers are widely used in traditional medicine and folk medicine with the ability to treat many diseases, from abdominal pain to joint pain, rheumatism, and issues related to the liver and stomach.

The market values the value of agarwood, where prices can reach millions of Vietnamese dong or even tens of millions of dong per kilogram. The distinctive fragrance of agarwood flowers adds sophistication to tea, creates a premium flavor for alcohol, and can be felt in delicate cakes.

Therefore, planting agarwood is not only a means of decoration, creating a fresh atmosphere, but also a way to possess a “precious” natural medicine that can be sold at a high value. The ability of agarwood to bloom all year round makes it increasingly valuable in the eyes of growers.

How to grow agarwood to bloom?

Spring is the ideal time to start planting agarwood, and autumn is usually the time when the tree blooms the most. Agarwood has a dry stem with white spots on its bark, so besides buying saplings, you can also perform the method of cutting. Choose young branches, not too old, cut off the leaves, and soak them in water to stimulate the roots, then insert them into the soil.

Choose loose soil and place the tree in a well-ventilated area. After about half a month when the tree has developed roots, you can take it out to plant.

Note about light

Agarwood requires light, so plant it in a sunny location, especially in front of the house. Lack of sunlight can prevent agarwood from blooming and even cause health issues.


To help the tree grow strong and bloom regularly, fertilize it regularly every year. Also, remember to trim dead branches and withered leaves to maintain freshness for the tree.

Distinguishing between Vietnamese agarwood and Chinese agarwood

Because of the value of the tree, many people import agarwood from foreign countries to save costs. Chinese agarwood often has a large and smooth trunk, bright color with cracks. In contrast, Vietnamese agarwood has a darker trunk, with many spots and long cracks, creating a sense of antiquity and scarcity. For long-standing trees, the trunk can grow green moss, creating a classic beauty.

Note about Feng Shui when planting agarwood

Agarwood is considered a Feng Shui plant that brings beauty and luck. Therefore, choose a place with enough light to plant agarwood. The height of the tree needs to be balanced to create a harmonious planting position. Note that agarwood can grow tall, so when planting in front of the house, pay attention to their height compared to other ornamental plants. This helps maintain balance and create a harmonious space in planting trees.

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