What is EasyInvoice bill lookup? Is it accurate? Step by step guide on how to do it

You can easily check your EasyInvoice bills by using the downloadable software on your computer or by checking online on the website. If you are a partner business of EasyInvoice or a customer of these businesses, please follow the steps below for bill lookup.


You want to look up EasyInvoice electronic invoices on the EasyInvoice invoice lookup software, but you don’t know how to do it or where the official lookup website is. Don’t worry, FPT Shop will guide you on how to look up EasyInvoice invoices.

What is EasyInvoice electronic invoice?

According to Clause 1, Article 3 of Decree 123/2020/ND-CP, “An electronic invoice is a bill with or without a tax code issued by the Tax Department in the form of electronic data created by organizations or individuals that sell goods or provide services using electronic means to record information about sales of goods and provision of services in accordance with accounting and tax regulations, including cases where invoices are generated by cash registers connected to the Tax Department.”

EasyInvoice electronic invoice is an invoicing software provided by SOFTDREAMS (the authorized provider of electronic invoices confirmed by the Tax Department). It integrates many outstanding features that allow businesses to register, create, track, and manage invoices, and even acts as a data transmitter to the Tax Department.

Looking up EasyInvoice electronic invoices is a legal way to access information about goods and services provided by individuals or organizations through electronic data on the EasyInvoice software.

Advantages of EasyInvoice invoice lookup

In business, issuing and looking up invoices are fundamental activities that play an essential role. Using EasyInvoice invoice lookup software allows businesses to easily perform invoice-related tasks quickly, efficiently, and simply.

Manual invoice handling can be time-consuming and requires a high level of accuracy, especially for large businesses with extensive operations. However, when using EasyInvoice electronic invoices, these tasks can be performed quickly and accurately without any errors.

Why choose EasyInvoice?

Here are some notable benefits of using EasyInvoice invoice lookup:

  • Instant mobile issuance: This allows customers to create, issue, manage, and distribute invoices via the website or mobile app anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatic data entry: Supports customer and product management directly in the system, automatically retrieves business information based on the tax code to minimize data entry time and quickly generate invoices.
  • Over 100 free invoice templates: The system provides over 100 legally compliant electronic invoice templates according to the regulations of the Tax Department to meet diverse customer demands.
  • Secure invoice storage: Customers can store invoices for free for up to 10 years in internationally standardized data centers. All invoice data is securely protected.

  • Integration with multiple software: EasyInvoice can be connected to various software available in businesses to create a unified working and management ecosystem, ensuring safe and synchronized data.
  • Generate invoices in just 2 minutes: With EasyInvoice, you don’t need to install any tools. Just spend 2 minutes on simple registration procedures, and you can immediately create and issue invoices.
  • Full range of reports: EasyInvoice can quickly generate essential reports such as invoices usage reports, invoice listings, revenue reports by product/customer, etc.
  • Electronic contracts and records: EasyInvoice integrates electronic contract/record functions to expedite the signing process between parties and quickly handle invoice discrepancies.

How to look up EasyInvoice electronic invoices

Next, FPT Shop will guide you through detailed steps to look up EasyInvoice invoices:

Step 1: In the web browser on your computer or phone, access this address.

Step 2: Enter the requested information, including the seller’s tax code, the lookup code, the verification code, and click Lookup.

If you are a customer of a partner company using EasyInvoice electronic invoice service, you can find the tax code as follows:

  • Company’s tax number: Look it up on the company’s website or electronic business portal, or ask the transaction staff directly.
  • Lookup code: You can find it in the email sent by the partner company, at the bottom of the paper invoice, or ask the transaction staff directly.

Step 3: The system will return the result in two cases: when invoice information exists or when there is no matching invoice.

  • If the result indicates that invoice information exists, it means the invoice is valid.
  • In the other case, if there is no matching invoice information, please check the entered information. If the information is correct but no invoice information is found, please contact the seller.

How to read EasyInvoice XML invoices

Usually, after a transaction, the information of the electronic invoice for that transaction will be sent to the customer via email. According to Article 5 of Circular 68/2019/TT-BTC, the XML file is the standard format. Here’s how to read it:

Step 1: Open the email containing the notification about the electronic invoice sent by the seller.

Step 2: Click on the link in the email.

Step 3: Download the XML file to your computer. Note: Do not rename the downloaded invoice file.

Step 4: Access this address, then select the downloaded XML invoice file and enter the verification code. Click Check to complete.

Cases where EasyInvoice invoice lookup is not valid

In some cases, if you perform a lookup and the website does not display the invoice but shows an error, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The electronic invoice has not been established or does not exist.
  • The customer has entered incorrect tax code or lookup code.
  • You have accessed an incorrect or fake EasyInvoice website.

Important notes when looking up EasyInvoice invoices

To avoid accessing fake EasyInvoice websites, which could compromise the security of your information, please note the following:

  • The EasyInvoice invoice lookup gateway provided by SOFTDREAMS is only available at easyinvoice.vn.
  • The official EasyInvoice website is: https://easyinvoice.vn. Any other domain names are fake EasyInvoice websites.
  • For SOFTDREAMS customers, only use the email address: [email protected] to lookup invoice information.
  • For other customers, only lookup invoice information from the email provided by the selling party.
  • Fake EasyInvoice lookup websites do not have the function to view invoice digital certificates.

How to issue invoices on EasyInvoice

Invoice issuance is the responsibility of individuals or organizations registered to use invoices, namely the sellers. If you belong to this group, follow these steps to issue invoices:

Step 1: Access the EasyInvoice software system with the format:

  • (Business tax code).Easyinvoice.vn.
  • Or (Business tax code).easyinvoice.com.vn.

The screen will display the homepage interface of the EasyInvoice software. At this time, you need to select “issue invoice”.

Step 2: Select the invoice template with a code, then click Create New.

Step 3: Fill in the information on the electronic invoice, including buyer’s information, payment method, goods and services, etc.

Note: Select the correct item nature, including: Goods, services, promotions, notes.

Step 4: Select the VAT (Value Added Tax) rate and save the invoice data.

Step 5: The current status of the invoice is “Newly Created” but not yet issued. Click “issue invoice”. Simultaneously, the EasyInvoice system will automatically send the electronic invoice to the Tax Department.

The result returned by the Tax Department at this time is “Being Checked”.

Step 6: Within 5 minutes, the Tax Department will send the invoice code back to the business, and the result status will be “Valid”.

Step 7: Send the electronic invoice to the customer who purchased the goods or services from the business by selecting “Send Invoice” > Enter the customer’s email address and click “Send”.

The invoice is only valid after it is issued with a code from the Tax Department. From that point on, the business is allowed to send invoices to customers.

Frequently asked questions about EasyInvoice invoice lookup

In addition to how to look up EasyInvoice invoices, each customer may have different questions related to this issue. Here are answers to the four most commonly asked questions.

Where can I download EasyInvoice?

You can download and install the EasyInvoice software from the official EasyInvoice website at this address. If you are a customer, it is recommended to use the online lookup method on the website as instructed above.

Can I look up EasyInvoice invoices using my ID card or phone number?

Currently, EasyInvoice only allows invoice lookup using the lookup code. Therefore, you cannot look up invoices using the ID card or phone number.

Can I look up EasyInvoice invoices online?

The answer is YES. You can look up invoices online on the EasyInvoice website as instructed above if you do not want to download the software to your device. However, if you are a business, it is still recommended to use the software to utilize its available features.

What is Softdreams electronic invoice?

SOFTDREAMS is a provider of legally compliant electronic invoices verified by the Tax Department. The electronic invoices provided by SOFTDREAMS are called EasyInvoice.


Above is all the information about how to look up EasyInvoice invoices. We hope this guide will help you look up electronic invoices quickly and accurately.

In addition, to easily look up EasyInvoice invoices, you should have devices with suitable configurations to install the software. Check out the currently discounted laptop models at FPT Shop.