Any kind of fish, just soak it in this water before cooking: No more fishy smell, firm flesh

With the following secret recipe, you will have a delicious and perfectly cooked caramelized fish dish that everyone will enjoy.


Tips for removing fishy odor from fish before cooking

One of the ways to remove the fishy odor from fish is to utilize rice washing water to help reduce the odor. While washing, use salt and lime to rub both the inside and outside of the fish, removing any fishy blood in the belly and blood clinging along the fish’s spine and gills. This is an effective and cost-effective way to remove the odor.

After soaking the fish in rice washing water, you can use salt and lime or replace them with white wine and ginger. The ingredients in white wine and ginger help eliminate the fishy odor inside the fish, preventing the fish from being too fishy. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to remove the fishy odor and ensure that the fish is not fishy after cooking.

Tips for preparing firm fish before cooking

Searing the fish: To have a delicious and firm fish stew, you should not skip the step of searing or frying the fish before cooking. When searing or frying the fish, the outer layer of the fish becomes firm, preventing the fish from breaking during stewing, resulting in a beautiful fish stew. Especially for types of fish like silver carp, snakehead fish, ricefield eel, trout, eggs fish… you should follow this method.

Using hot water for stewing fish: After cleaning the fish, put the fish in a basket, pour hot water at about 70 – 80 degrees Celsius all over the fish, and let it drain. Not only does it make the fish firm, but the hot water also helps eliminate the fishy odor.

Marinating the fish before cooking

After preparing, marinate the fish with seasoning salt, ginger, galangal, fish sauce… To have the best pot of fish stew, marinate the fish for about 1-2 hours before cooking, allowing the fish to absorb the spices evenly. The ingredients in ginger and galangal help eliminate the fishy odor, making the fish stew more delicious and appealing.

Depending on the region, you can choose the appropriate marinade to suit your taste. In addition to ginger or galangal, you can use fresh tea leaves or a little dry tea.

How to cook fish without a fishy odor

– Add a little condensed milk when cooking fish: After preparing the fish, add a little condensed milk to the fish stew before cooking. Adding condensed milk can partially mask the fishy odor, making it smell more fragrant. However, only add a sufficient amount of condensed milk to avoid making the fish stew too sweet and milky.