Celebrate the Holidays with 6 Delectable Recipes to Share with Loved Ones

Do you want to impress your friends with a delicious meal? We have just the thing for you - 6 exquisite dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also ensure stringent measures are taken to ensure food safety and hygiene. Let's get cooking!


The festival is a time for friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company. While many people choose to dine out during festivals, cooking at home can be a fun, delicious, and hygienic option. We have curated a list of 6 festival dishes that you should consider cooking to enjoy with your friends.

1Thai-style Egg Yolk with Chicken Liver

Thai-style Egg Yolk with Chicken Liver is a visually appealing dish with bright yellow egg yolks that are fragrant, chewy, and fatty. The chicken liver is crispy and fragrant, especially when paired with sweet and sour sauce. It is a truly appetizing dish that can be enjoyed with rice or on its own.

Thai-style Egg Yolk with Chicken LiverThai-style Egg Yolk with Chicken Liver


2Grilled Pork Belly

Grilled Pork Belly is a delightful dish to treat your friends. It has a brownish-yellow color and a tantalizing aroma. The meat is soft and chewy, making it difficult to resist.

Grilled Pork BellyGrilled Pork Belly

3Thai Seafood Hotpot

Thai Seafood Hotpot is always a top choice for festivals and parties. This flavorful dish offers a wide variety of toppings, from seafood to vegetables, allowing you to enjoy a range of flavors.

Thai Seafood HotpotThai Seafood Hotpot

In addition, the hotpot broth with its sour and spicy flavors adds an irresistible element to the dish.


4Steamed Snakehead Fish with Gourds

Steamed Snakehead Fish with GourdsSteamed Snakehead Fish with Gourds

Steamed Snakehead Fish with Gourds is a simple yet incredibly flavorful dish. The fish has a savory and sweet taste and can be dipped in sauce or enjoyed with various accompaniments such as herbs and vegetables.


5Beef Salad

Beef SaladBeef Salad

Beef Salad combines the sour taste of salad greens with the bitterness of green herbs and the tenderness of beef. Serve it with dressing and a few drops of sweet and sour fish sauce to enhance the flavors. This delicious and unforgettable beef salad can be easily made with simple ingredients.


6Rock Salt-fried Shrimp

If you want to indulge your friends with a luxurious dish for the festival, Rock Salt-fried Shrimp is the perfect choice. Also known as “Golden Shrimp,” this dish features soft and sweet shrimp paired with the salty and fatty taste of eggs, creating a rich and captivating flavor.

Rock Salt-fried ShrimpRock Salt-fried Shrimp


We hope that these suggestions provide you with some options for treating your friends during the festival. Thank you for reading our article.

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