Poor Mother Feels Hurt After Saying “Give Birth to Inherit Poverty”

This statement has sparked controversy on social media. While some agree with the viewpoint, many argue that MC Duc Bao lacked tact and hurt the feelings of parents in difficult circumstances.


MC Đức Bảo’s statement has sparked a lot of controversial opinions. MC Đức Bảo is known for his charming and intelligent speaking skills. However, a recent statement about his views on children has caused a debate on social media. The MC shared, “If a child is born to inherit your hardships and poverty, then not having a child is also a kind of goodness.”

Although he clarified that this was not a personal statement, this viewpoint is still being debated in the online community. The MC expressed, “Regarding this matter, I personally think of it as a reminder of the responsibilities of being a parent. Bring children into this world after thoughtful consideration and the best possible preparation within your abilities. Surely, no one wants to witness more abandoned lives, young children being forced into labor under the worst conditions instead of being educated and having fun. That’s all, everyone…”

“What I least expected was that this content received such great attention and discussion. But it’s also unfortunate that the quoted statement I shared has caused unnecessary misunderstandings and created negative emotions for some people on a weekend that should have been relaxing and entertaining.”

“Ultimately, the choice is still the freedom of each individual. Having children or not, whether the conditions are sufficient or not, are all deeply personal thoughts and decisions of each couple, each family.”

How do less fortunate parents feel after the statement?

The famous MC’s sharing immediately sparked controversy on social media. Alongside those who agree with the above viewpoint, there are many who believe that MC Đức Bảo was lacking empathy and hurting parents in difficult circumstances.

– Cruel statement towards a woman

Uyen (31 years old, living in Hanoi) believes that this statement is too cruel towards women.

“Actually, I’m not talking about right or wrong because everyone has their own perspective, but this statement is too cruel towards women. The instinct of a woman is to become a mother, even animals give birth to their offspring without money. No woman gives birth to a child and becomes ‘ungood’. My first child was born 10 years ago, and my husband and I were planning to have another child when our financial situation stabilized, but how do we know when it’s stable? Having children is a blessing, and we should welcome them.”

Uyen and her daughter.

I don’t promote unplanned childbearing, what I mean is that even if someone is poor but still wants to have a child and is willing to welcome the child, there’s nothing unvirtuous about it. My financial situation is not outstanding, just enough to not be in extreme hardship, but I still gave birth to my child normally. With more money, you can raise a child in a wealthy way, and with less money, you can raise a child in an ordinary way. Both of my children have grown up healthy and most importantly, they are happy.”

– Heartbroken and offended after hearing this statement

Hai Yen (28 years old, living in Hanoi) disagrees with the above statement. She believes that parents who have decided to have children have thought very carefully, and no matter the circumstances, they always want the best for their children.

“Having a child is the most sacred thing in life, and every father and mother knows that. I don’t believe anyone gives birth to a child solely for the purpose of inheriting their family’s poverty. Not everyone is lucky enough to start from the finish line, to eat, drink, and play without worrying about money. Life has both the rich and the poor, so does that mean the poor are prohibited from having the right to have children?”

“My family is not wealthy, but we still decided to have a child. We can work hard and earn every penny to ensure our child is not hungry. On the other hand, when our children see us working hard, they will understand how difficult it is to earn money, which will encourage them to work harder and be more determined. It’s really challenging at times, eating rice with vegetables, but for me, becoming a mother is something I will never regret.”

“I feel a little sad when being judged on my ability as a mother or the decision of whether or not to have a child. Every mother wants the best for their children, no matter the circumstances, and this statement can be hurtful to a mother’s self-esteem and unconditional love for her child,” expressed Yen.

– Feeling the weight of an invisible burden and questioning whether the decision to have a child is wrong

This is the confession of Hai Nhi (32 years old, living in Haiphong). She shared that indeed, having a child and raising children is a challenging journey. Sometimes, even as parents, they love their children and feel that they have fulfilled their duties as fathers and mothers.

“I love my child so much and feel happy that the heavens have given me this gift. However, it pains me to see my child suffer from hunger and poverty. I know that I love my child, but when I hear this statement, I feel doubtful and pressured. I feel an invisible burden that I wonder if my child is sad because their parents are not as rich as other families.”

The decision to have children carries many responsibilities and sacrifices, sometimes accompanied by uncertainty about the future. So, if you ask me whether I feel sad and hurt, the answer is not no,” said Hai Nhi.

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Is it appropriate to say this to someone who is already a parent?

In reality, this viewpoint reflects the belief that each child should be ensured a better life, and if that cannot be guaranteed, then not having a child can be seen as a responsible and ethical action. This is also a complex issue with many factors to consider, including personal beliefs, culture, economy, and society.

However, whether it is appropriate to say this to those who are already parents should be carefully considered. Some couples may choose to wait until they feel more financially stable, while others prioritize having children and are willing to face economic challenges.

Everyone has different ideas and feelings about life and family. This statement can cause harm or misunderstanding as it judges personal decisions without considering individual circumstances. When addressing such a sensitive issue, it is necessary to show respect and openness to understand the perspectives of others.

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